Is it possible to use radio waves to transmit bitcoins

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The concept of issuing Bitcoin transactions over the radio has been around for several years. This technology converts money into data or content, which can then be transmitted over any communication system.

People do not always realize that the Internet is only one of several possible transfer mechanisms. The Internet is not mandatory for transferring cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It is possible to use Bitcoin on radio microwaves. Money is now data, any data. Any communication tool is now also a way to trade or exchange currency. An established network is no longer necessary to switch from one user to another.

This situation is particularly advantageous in places without a network or even in countries with totalitarian political regimes where censorship is expected. TxTenna recently presented a solution for offline Bitcoin transactions, with the collaboration of GoTenna and Samourai Wallet. Rodolfo Novak, a Canadian cryptographer, and entrepreneur was the first to send a fraction of Bitcoin over the radio. The signal, in microwave form, was sent to Toronto, Canada, to Michigan, to the United States, successfully, in the middle of a blizzard. In 2014, there was already a project called “Kryptoradio” in Finland, where Bitcoin transactions were transmitted through the national television network. Unfortunately, network operators lost interest in the project soon after, in 2015.

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