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The world of Bitcoin has grown quickly and there are many people who are looking to explore everything that it has to offer. With this in mind, one of the main services comes in the form of development. Bitcoin is free software and any developer can contribute to the project. Everything you need is in the GitHub repository.

What Is Bitcoin?

Before we can take a closer look at what it takes to become a Bitcoin developer, we need to figure out what Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, this is a digital currency that operates throughout a decentralized, distributed network. It first came into existence back in 2009 and was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin works using something called blockchain technology. Therefore, we need to understand what blockchain technology is as well.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

The blockchain is exactly what it says it is. It is a chain of blocks; however, it is a chain of blocks in the digital sense. Each block contains a set of data. This data is immutable and does not have any central supervision by a central power, such as Satoshi or anyone else. The blocks contain data that is verified as true by the other blocks around it.

Addressing Bitcoin Transactions

There are a lot of Bitcoin visions that people have of the future. In order to understand what the future holds for Bitcoin, we need to take a closer look at Bitcoin transactions.

First, think about traditional transactions. If someone wants to give two dollars to someone else, they will probably take the money out of their wallet and hand it to someone else. That is not how things work in the world of Bitcoin. The reality is that nobody owns anything in the world of Bitcoin. Instead, people simply have proof that they can use those bitcoins. This is where the miners come in. Miners validate transactions by putting information regarding transactions into the blocks. In order for a transaction to take place in Bitcoin, someone needs to get the bitcoins from all previous transactions. These transactions are added together because they provide proof that someone has bitcoins. While these transactions might sound a bit complicated, this is also how Bitcoin is secure. There has to be proof of everything before a Bitcoin transaction can take place. If anything is off, then the transaction cannot happen.

Exploring Bitcoin Development

There are a few reasons why Bitcoin development is difficult.

The first reason why Bitcoin development is difficult is the security that must accompany Bitcoin. Blockchains should be built like a fortress. Bitcoin Core is software that helps protect billions of dollars worth of assets, so every code change should be reviewed by experienced developers. Other developers may take a long time to review your pull requests. Remember that all reviewers take time on their own projects to review your pull requests, so be patient and respectful of their time. Also consider helping to review other people’s requests. You don’t have to be an expert in Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Core codebase, or C++. There are almost always open pull requests that any programmer can review. Anyone can view the code and look for areas of vulnerability. They might even find bugs that need to be fixed. Now the downside is that if bugs are found, the ramifications are huge.

The second reason why Bitcoin development is a bit difficult is that it’s important to keep pace with the rest of the network. People cannot be too late and there are a lot of requests. This type of resource management can be a challenge for those who wish to engage in Bitcoin development. People have high expectations. The blockchain has to operate at its highest level all the time. For this to happen, the language must be versatile. Transactions that take place in Bitcoin must be deterministic. There must be a consistent endpoint. There cannot be a transaction that behaves in one way in one situation and then behaves in another way the next day. The only way to make sure this happens is to check the code.

These are just some of the challenges facing Bitcoin developers; however, those with language skills, such as C++, will find the work of a Bitcoin developer satisfactory. Because Bitcoin is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world of digital technology, many of these latest developments in the field are being applied to Bitcoin. As Bitcoin continues to be the standard-bearer in the world of cryptocurrency, the future is bright. This is why there are so many people who want to become a Bitcoin developer. They are driving the future of cryptocurrency in a major way and we say thank you!

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