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Bitcoin Mining Space Heater XL Case

Bitcoin Mining Space Heater XL Case


Embrace the future of home heating and Bitcoin mining with the Antminer Space Heater XL from D-Central, crafted in partnership with Cryptocloaks. This state-of-the-art case offers a sustainable and energy-efficient solution to heat your living space while mining Bitcoin, providing a hedge against rising inflation and heating expenses. Perfectly tailored for North American homes, it supports all 17 series miners, including Antminer T17, S17, S17 Pro, T17+, and S17+, all adaptable for 110V operation. Enhance your mining operations and enjoy the added benefit of a powerful space heater, transforming excess energy into a source of comfort in your home.

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Elevate your mining operation to new heights with the Bitcoin Mining Space Heater XL Case, a D-Central innovation designed for the mining enthusiast who values efficiency. This premium case supports larger mining rigs, enabling you to upscale your mining efforts and heat your surroundings, marrying the art of high-capacity mining with sustainable living.

Elevate your home mining with a product that embodies innovation and collaboration. The Bitcoin Mining Space Heater XL Case, a joint effort with the design pioneers at CryptoCloaks, is tailored to support all 17 series miners. It’s an ideal match for the Antminer T17, S17, and S17 Pro, among others, and is specially optimized for North American standard 110V outlets.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Spacious XL case accommodating all 17 series miners
  • 1 x Spacer for quiet fans

Optimized for Your Home

The XL case is designed with the home miner in mind. This feature allows for a straightforward setup, letting you focus on mining and heating your space with ease.

This case transcends the traditional mining enclosure. It’s a forward-thinking solution that leverages the heat produced by your miners to warm your living area, offering a practical and cost-effective approach to home heating.

In line with D-Central’s commitment to sustainability, the Space Heater XL Case promotes an eco-friendly mining practice by repurposing the heat for your comfort. Additionally, it maintains a quiet operation, ensuring that your mining doesn’t disrupt the tranquillity of your home.

By choosing the Bitcoin Mining Space Heater XL Case, you’re joining a movement that values both the financial and environmental benefits of Bitcoin mining. It’s a step towards a more sustainable future, where mining supports both your financial goals and your home’s warmth.

Opt for the Bitcoin Mining Space Heater XL Case and transform your mining into an efficient, eco-friendly, and home-enhancing activity. In this case, you’re not just mining Bitcoin—you’re part of an innovative leap towards a smarter, more sustainable mining practice.

This case is a testament to the creative spirit of CryptoCloaks and the manufacturing excellence of D-Central. It’s a product that not only enhances your mining capabilities but also honours the innovative contributions of our partners at CryptoCloaks.

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 45 × 26 × 52 cm

Black, Gray, White, Orange


Black, Gray, White, Orange


Black, Gray, White, Orange


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