100x BM1397 recycled chips for T17/S17/T17+/S17+

100x BM1397 recycled chips for T17/S17/T17+/S17+


Your ASICs need new chips, but you don’t want to spend the money on a full pack?

D-Central has the solution for you. We offer packs of 100 recycled BM1397 ASIC chips that have been re-tinned and tested for quality. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be doing your part in reducing waste.

Chips are essential to keeping your ASICs running smoothly. Why not purchase a pack of recycled chips from us and help reduce waste at the same time?

Purchase a pack of 100 recycled BM1397 ASIC chips today!

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Pack of hundred (100) recycled BM1397 chips for T17/S17/T17+/S17+

Semiconductor scarcity drives up the prices of replacement chips for your ASICs. D-Central recovers chips from damaged hashboards. We apply our exclusive chip recovery solution. We re-tin all chips with a new standard 63/37 composition tin and reflow each component, followed by cleaning and testing to determine chip quality. We select the component to be packaged for repair if everything is satisfactory.


Our packs of 100 recycled chips are available with provenance information, such as BIN1, BIN2, BIN3 and BIN4. So select precisely what you expect.

Purchases of used chips are sales as-is and are final sales.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
BM1397 Type

BM1397AD-A5V1-BIN1, BM1397AD-A5V1-BIN2, BM1397AD-A5V1-BIN3, BM1397AD-A5V1-BIN4, BM1397AG-A5V44-BIN1, BM1397AG-A5V44-BIN2, BM1397AG-A5V44-BIN3, BM1397AG-A5V44-BIN4, BM1397AD-A7V49S-BIN1, BM1397AD-A7V49S-BIN2, BM1397AD-A7V49S-BIN3, BM1397AD-A7V49S-BIN4, BM1397AF-A7V49S-BIN1, BM1397AF-A7V49S-BIN2, BM1397AF-A7V49S-BIN3, BM1397AF-A7V49S-BIN4, BM1397AG-A7V49S-BIN1, BM1397AG-A7V49S-BIN2, BM1397AG-A7V49S-BIN3, BM1397AG-A7V49S-BIN4, BM1397AH-A7V49S-BIN1, BM1397AH-A7V49S-BIN2, BM1397AH-A7V49S-BIN3, BM1397AH-A7V49S-BIN4, BM1397AI-A7V49S-BIN1, BM1397AI-A7V49S-BIN2, BM1397AI-A7V49S-BIN3, BM1397AI-A7V49S-BIN4, BM1397AF-A8V2-BIN1, BM1397AF-A8V2-BIN2, BM1397AF-A8V2-BIN3, BM1397AF-A8V2-BIN4, BM1397AG-A8V2-BIN1, BM1397AG-A8V2-BIN2, BM1397AG-A8V2-BIN3, BM1397AG-A8V2-BIN4, BM1397AH-A8V2-BIN1, BM1397AH-A8V2-BIN2, BM1397AH-A8V2-BIN3, BM1397AH-A8V2-BIN4, BM1397AI-A8V2-BIN1, BM1397AI-A8V2-BIN2, BM1397AI-A8V2-BIN3, BM1397AI-A8V2-BIN4


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