Nonce CRC Error & Understanding and Fixing in Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on understanding and troubleshooting the Nonce CRC Error in Bitcoin mining hardware. This error is a common issue that many cryptocurrency miners encounter, and it’s crucial to understand how to effectively address it. Bitcoin mining is a complex process that involves solving mathematical problems using specialized hardware. While this process […]

Reg CRC Error & Troubleshooting in Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on understanding and troubleshooting the Reg CRC Error in Bitcoin mining hardware. This issue is a common one faced by many in the cryptocurrency mining community, and it’s crucial to understand how to address it effectively. Bitcoin mining is a complex process that involves solving mathematical problems using specialized hardware. […]

Canaan AvalonBuddy Experience: A Comprehensive Support Guide for Efficient Mining Operations

In the dynamic world of Bitcoin mining, efficiency and precision are paramount. This is where AvalonBuddy comes into play. AvalonBuddy is a specialized software application designed to streamline and optimize the process of Bitcoin mining. It serves as a comprehensive tool that allows miners to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot their mining operations with ease. Developed […]

AvalonMiner Technical Documentation: Miner Log Technical Guidance Explained

In this comprehensive guide, we provide you with essential information about the parameters of the miner log, how to check the miner status, and other crucial details to make your AvalonMiner experience seamless. This miner log technical documentation is specifically designed for A10, A11, and A12 mining machines. Understanding the Miner Log Parameters To ensure […]

Avalon A11&A12 Series Miner Disassembly Guide

This technical document serves as a guide for the disassembly of Avalon A-Series Products. It provides step-by-step instructions, recommended tools, and important considerations for authorized maintenance centers or other authorized customer service centers. Following this guide will assist in the proper installation or disassembly of Avalon A-Series Miners. General: The purpose of this guide is […]

Troubleshooting Guide for Avalon Miner Power Supply Failures

This support article provides a troubleshooting guide for diagnosing and repairing common failures in power supplies. The guide is based on a maintenance manual and includes step-by-step instructions to help identify the cause of the failure and perform the necessary repairs. It covers various components and circuits, as well as the tools and materials required […]

AvalonMiner Aftermarket Service: Upgrade Tool (Beta) Instruction for A3202, A3201, and A3200 Models

The AvalonMiner Upgrade Tool (Beta) is designed for all A3202, A3201, and A3200 models. This user-friendly tool allows for the identification of the model, IP scanning, and simultaneous upgrading of 10 machines. Visual updates are provided for each machine’s progress during the upgrading process. Operating Environment Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit) Installation process: Not required […]

Mastering FMS for Optimal AvalonMiner Management

In the dynamic world of Bitcoin mining, efficiency and control are key to achieving optimal results. This is where the Farm Manager Software (FMS) comes into play. Developed specifically for managing AvalonMiners, FMS is a powerful tool that provides miners with the ability to oversee and control their mining operations with precision and ease. FMS […]

Easy Setup Guide for AvalonMiner

Designed for efficiency and stability, AvalonMiner is the perfect tool to increase your Bitcoin earnings. This D-Central support article will quickly guide you through the simple setup process to get your AvalonMiner up and running. Step-by-Step Setup Guide Step 1: Inspect your new AvalonMiner Upon receiving your AvalonMiner, ensure the packaging is undamaged before opening. […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrading AvalonMiner Firmware

There are two methods to upgrade the firmware on your AvalonMiner: using the FMS batch management system or upgrading the firmware on a single machine. Below, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for both methods. Method 1: Upgrading Firmware using FMS Batch Management Download the firmware from Canaan’s support page: Launch the FMS application. Choose the miner(s) […]

How to disassemble control board from your ANTMINER S15&T15?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to disassemble the control board from your Antminer S15 or T15: Power down the Antminer: Before you start, ensure that the miner is powered down and unplugged. This is essential for your safety and to prevent any potential damage to the Antminer. Remove the top case of the miner: […]

How to disassemble Antminer S17/S17Pro control board

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to disassemble the control board from your Antminer S17 or S17Pro: Power down the Antminer: Always ensure that the miner is powered down and unplugged before you start. This is important for your safety and to prevent any potential damage to the Antminer. Remove the top case of the […]

How to disassemble and assemble control board from your ANTMINER S9 SE/S9k?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to disassemble and assemble the control board from your ANTMINER S9 SE/S9k: Disassembly Power down the miner: Always ensure the miner is completely powered down before you begin any hardware adjustments. This will prevent accidental damages from power surges. Remove the casing: Most miners have a shell or casing […]

KA3 log diagnosis and processing

Here are some common issues with the KA3 miner and suggested solutions based on log diagnosis: Power failure: If the log displays a “3 computing board can not find the chip” message, it usually indicates that there’s no power output to the computing board from the power supply. You can check for loose screws on […]

The rejection rate of mining pools

The rejection rate of a mining pool pertains to the proportion of data that is rejected by the mining pool relative to the total amount of data sent by the mining machine. This rate arises when the data sent by the mining machine is deemed abnormal or fails to meet the mining pool’s requirements, leading […]

What if the miner can’t connect to the mining pool?

If your miner fails to connect to the mining pool, the issue could be observed as abnormal network status and mining pool status. Here are the potential causes and corresponding solutions: Mining Machine Configuration Problems: The issue could be due to errors in the worker name of the mining pool, such as improper use of […]

S9 Firmware Upgrade Failed

If your S9 firmware upgrade process has failed, please follow the steps below to restore and upgrade the firmware again: Abort the Upgrade: If you notice that the firmware upgrade process has failed, stop the upgrade immediately. Download Fix Upgrade Package: Visit our firmware page and download the “Package to Fix Upgrade Failure” located under […]

How to Reload or Upgrade B3 Firmware

Please follow the steps below to upgrade the firmware of your ANTMINER B3: Download the B3 firmware: Visit our B3 firmware page to download the firmware. You will find two firmware files: ANTMINER-B3-201805232020-750M.tar.gz: This firmware fixes the fan speed display problem. update_1000.tar.gz: This firmware improves the hash rate of the B3 miner. Upgrade the first […]

Instructions on Fixing the Duplicate MAC Address for S9i

Please note that these instructions apply only to the S9i model, not the S9. Follow the steps below to fix the issue of a duplicate MAC address: Setup your connection: Connect a router to one miner and one laptop or PC. The router can be wireless. Locate the miner: Using the bulk management tool, locate […]

How to Upgrade E3 Firmware via SD Card

While we generally recommend customers to upgrade or reload their firmware using the web, you can also use the SD card method to upgrade the firmware for your E3 miner. IMPORTANT: The SD card upgrade method is specifically suitable for the E3 miner. Do not attempt to use this method on other miners as it […]

How to Reload or Upgrade Firmware?

This guide applies to all ANTMINER models, except the B3. For instructions on B3 firmware upgrade, please refer to the B3 firmware upgrade instructions. Steps for Firmware Upgrade: Visit our website to download the firmware: Go to our firmware page. On the left sidebar, select your miner and then click “Firmware”. You might need to […]

Difference between Low Power Mode and Low Power Enhanced Mode

There are three versions of firmware for the S9, S9I, and S9J models available on our website. Using the S9 auto-frequency firmware as an example: ANTMINER-S9-all-201711171757-autofreq-user-Update2UBI-NF.tar.gz: This is the original normal firmware. ANTMINER-S9-LPM-20181102.tar.gz: This is the Low Power Mode (LPM) firmware that lowers power consumption but maintains the hash rate. ANTMINER-S9-all-201812051512-autofreq-user-Update2UBI-NF.tar.gz: This is another LPM […]

ANTMINER Security Firmwares Q&A

IMPORTANT: Please refrain from attempting to upgrade unauthorized firmwares from third parties, as this can result in miner malfunction and void your warranty immediately. 1. What is the security firmware? The security firmware was specifically developed to protect ANTMINER users’ interests. This firmware maintains all the features of the previous version, while also disabling SSH […]

Can’t upgrade firmware/firmware upgrade failed

If you’re having trouble upgrading firmware or if a firmware upgrade has failed, you should check the following potential causes and solutions. 1. Incorrect firmware version Make sure you’re trying to upgrade the correct firmware version according to the model of your miner. 2. Security firmware vs. non-security firmware If the miner backstage displays the […]

New Multi-Option Firmware: A Comprehensive Guide

The four multi-option security firmware released are designed to support S9, S9i, S9j, and T9+ miners respectively. It’s important to note that the firmware does not support miners that use the C5 control board (only a few S9 miners use this). If you mistakenly attempt to upgrade a miner with a C5 control board using […]

Summary of Best Practices for Firmware Updates

Please note that while the firmware has undergone rigorous testing prior to release, testing cannot simulate all mining environments. Hence, it is advisable to upgrade the firmware in small batches (like 10-30 units) and run them for at least 24 hours to confirm that there are no issues before proceeding with a full-scale upgrade. Here […]

19 Series Miner Online Upgrade Tutorial

Here is the guide to online upgrade the firmware for 19 Series Miner: Log into the Miner Open a browser (Firefox or Google Chrome is recommended), enter the IP address of the mining machine, and press Enter. Accessing the System After pressing Enter, a login dialog box will appear. Enter the username and password (default […]

How to Download and Install Miner Firmware

Downloading the appropriate firmware for your miner is essential to its proper functioning. Here are the steps to download miner firmware: Download Preparation Tools You’ll need a computer with internet access. Any operating system can be used. Firmware Download Visit the official ANTMINER website at Click on “Customer Support”, then click “Firmware Download”. After […]

How to Download IP Reporter and Use it to Find IP

IP Reporter is a tool that helps you find the IP address of your miner, which can be particularly useful when the miner’s IP is set to DHCP mode. Follow these steps to download and use IP Reporter: Download Method: Visit the official Bitmain website at Navigate to “Customer Support” and then “Firmware Download”. […]

How to Copy New Kernel Log into Text Form

To copy new Kernel Log into a text document, follow the steps below: Log into the backend of the mining system: You’ll need to enter your miner’s backend system, usually through a web interface using the miner’s IP address. Navigate to “Miner Log”: This option is typically located at the bottom left of the backend […]

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