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Cooling System Maintenance Guide: Cooling Tower, Spray Pumps, and Fans

1. Cooling Tower

Routine inspections are crucial for the efficient operation of your cooling tower. If faults are identified, replacement parts should be installed promptly.

1.1 Spray Pumps

1.1.1 Spray Pump Dimensional Drawing

Please refer to the attached diagram for specific measurements of the spray pump.

1.1.2 Parts of Spray Pump

Spray pump components include, but are not limited to, the pump body, impeller, mechanical seals, motor, bolts, nuts, washers, set screws, and a pump head. Refer to the provided exploded diagram of the spray pump for more detailed identification of parts.

1.1.3 Solutions to Pump Problems

Some common pump issues and their solutions include:

1.1.4 Regular Pump Maintenance

Regular maintenance should include seal testing and replacement every six months or more frequently under harsher working conditions. Similarly, check the bearings for any unusual rotation every six months.

1.2 Cooling Tower Fans

1.2.1 Fan Composition

The fan is composed of an impeller, transmission system, protective net, and motor. It’s important not to dismantle or repair the blades as it can affect the fan balance. The frame or foundation on which the fan is mounted must have sufficient strength to absorb and isolate vibrations and withstand the full weight and rotational force of the fan.

1.2.2 Fan Operating Instructions

After running the fan, check the vibration level and ensure it does not exceed the limit of 7mm/s root mean square value. If it does, stop immediately to identify the cause. After 50-75 hours of operation, check if the wind blade U-bolt is loose. Regular preventive maintenance, such as checking the fan assembly condition and cleaning the fan blades, should be performed.

Common causes of fan failure include vibration and abnormal noise, three-phase current imbalance, excessively high motor rated current, and low airflow. Refer to the troubleshooting guide to resolve these issues.