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There are three versions of firmware for the S9, S9I, and S9J models available on our website. Using the S9 auto-frequency firmware as an example:

Normal Mode, Low Power Mode, and Low Power Enhanced Mode

Upon upgrading to the third firmware, the miner configuration page will show two setup options:

Using the ANTMINER 13.5T as an example, here are the statistics for each mode:

Mode Summary Table:

Mode Hashrate Power Consumption
Normal mode 14.18T 1459W
Low Power Mode 13.88T 1258W
Low Power Enhanced Mode 9.87T 914W

Please note, these statistics are only for reference and are valid for this specific miner; consumption is affected by variable factors.

How do I choose a mining mode?

Choose wisely based on your own calculations, as the objective is to maximize ROI (Return on Investment).

Note: If the miner appears to be running unstable or the hash rate drops, turn off LPM or flash back to the original firmware.

If you are still unclear about the differences, feel free to contact us for further technical support.