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In the configuration settings of mining machines, we often come across the Fan Speed Percentage function. Many users are unfamiliar with this function, how to set it up, and the precautions when using it. In this guide, we address these concerns.

[image of Fan Speed Percentage function]

What is the purpose of the Fan Speed Percentage Function?

The Fan Speed Percentage function adjusts the fan speed according to a percentage of its maximum speed. It’s important to note that the minimum fan speed can only be adjusted to 1000 RPM, and the actual speed of the fan may deviate slightly.

How to enable this function?

To enable this function, simply enter the desired percentage value in the box, check the previous checkbox, and click Save. After saving, restart the miner to apply the changes.

[image of enabling the function]

How is the miner’s fan speed controlled if this function is not checked?

If this function is unchecked, the miner’s fan speed is automatically adjusted according to temperature by default. Engineers design mining machines with an optimal fan speed curve to maintain the best working temperature for the equipment.

Precautions when using the Fan Speed Percentage function

We generally do not recommend using this function because the default automatic fan speed adjustment is the most efficient solution. When the temperature is high, the fan will rotate at a higher speed to enhance heat dissipation. In contrast, when the temperature is low, the fan reduces its speed to maintain the temperature.

Manually adjusting the fan speed can cause potential issues. If the speed is set too low, the miner may overheat. On the other hand, if the speed is set too high, power consumption may increase. Additionally, a fixed fan speed can cause instability as the miner becomes more susceptible to external temperature changes. Uncheck this function if it is not necessary.

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