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This guide applies to all ANTMINER models, except the B3.

For instructions on B3 firmware upgrade, please refer to the B3 firmware upgrade instructions.

Steps for Firmware Upgrade:

  1. Visit our website to download the firmware: Go to our firmware page. On the left sidebar, select your miner and then click “Firmware”. You might need to scroll up to see the file. Different firmware versions are available for different miner models. Make sure to select the one that is specific for your miner. Note that we have a new firmware called ASICBoost for S9 series and T9+ miners. For more information on this, visit our page on ASICBoost firmware for ANTMINER S9 series and T9+.
  2. Download the firmware: Use either Google Chrome or Firefox browser to download the firmware. Do not open the firmware file. Instead, download it to a convenient location on your PC or laptop. If you’re using a Mac, disable the setting that automatically opens the file.
  3. Go to your miner interface and perform the upgrade: Navigate to the System > Upgrade section. Click “Browse” to find the downloaded firmware file and “Flash” to load the file.

Remember to keep your miner powered on and running while the firmware loads and for an additional 20 minutes after. If the upgrade is successful, you should see a message that says “System Upgrade Success.”

For S9 models, there might be instances where the upgrade fails. If you encounter this, please visit What to do when S9 upgrade has failed? for troubleshooting tips.

Should you have any inquiries or encounter difficulties, please feel free to contact us for assistance.