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This document serves as a comprehensive guide outlining the optimal environmental conditions required for the efficient operation of your ANTMINER servers. Adhering to these guidelines will ensure optimal performance and longevity of your mining hardware.

Climatic Parameters

The following climatic conditions should be maintained for the optimal operation of your ANTMINER servers:

Criteria | Desired Condition

Location Criteria for the Server Operations Room

The operations room housing your server should ideally be situated away from sources of industrial pollution. The requisite distances from different types of pollution sources are as follows:

If it is impossible to maintain these distances, choose a site that is perennially upwind of the pollution source.

Avoid setting up your server operations room within 3.7km of the seaside or salt lakes. If this is not possible, your facility should be made as airtight as possible and equipped with air conditioning to provide adequate cooling.

Electromagnetic Environmental Conditions

Keep your operations room away from transformers, high-voltage cables, transmission lines, and high-current equipment. For instance, no high-power AC transformers (>10KA) should be within 20 meters, and no high-voltage power lines should be within 50 meters of your operations room.

In addition, avoid locating your operations room near high-power radio transmitters. Specifically, no high-power radio transmitters (>1500W) should be within 100 meters of your operations room.

  1. Supplementary Environmental Guidelines:

The server operations room should be void of explosive, conductive, magnetically conductive, and corrosive dust. The requirements for mechanically active substances are outlined below:

Criteria for Mechanical Active Substances

Mechanical Active Substance | Standard

Standards for Corrosive Gas

Corrosive Gas | Unit | Maximum Concentration

Note: ppb (part per billion) is a unit of concentration where 1ppb denotes the volume ratio of one part per billion.

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