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When connecting the power supply to the miner, there are three connection points to pay attention to:

  1. Wire connection with 4-pin or 6-pin connector
  2. Conductive copper plug and socket connection
  3. Fixed conductive copper bar

CAUTION: It’s crucial to prevent poor contact, reverse connection of positive and negative poles, etc., which may cause board loss, core loss, burnout, and other failures of the computing board.

Wire connection with 4-pin or 6-pin connector:

  1. Pay attention to the direction of the pins and the base, and do not insert them backwards. The correct direction can be judged by the shape of the buckle, pin, and base.


    A: Snap

    B: Trapezoidal pin

    C: Square pin

  2. When carrying the miner, it’s strictly forbidden to hold the wire directly, as this can cause the connector to become loose or deformed.
  3. The hash board generally requires 3 sets of 6-PIN plugs, which must be fully plugged in.

Conductive copper plug and socket connection:

  1. Pay attention to whether the copper plug is completely embedded in the card slot. Due to handling, vibration, improper installation, etc., the copper plug may not be completely inserted into the card slot. In this case, you need to press or reinstall to make the copper plug fully fit into the card slot.
  2. The copper plug lock must be installed correctly.
  3. After many times of disassembly and assembly of the copper plug, poor contact with the base may occur. Use needle-nose pliers to adjust the slot gap to ensure that the copper plug is in full contact with the slot.

Fixed conductive copper bar:

Ensure that each screw is fastened, and there are no missing installations, non-fitting, etc.