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ANTMINER Antivirus Software Video Tutorial: Link

We have received reports from customers about malicious attacks on their mining farms. Typically, these attacks involve tampering with mining pool worker names and misuse of miners in other pools, leading to loss of profitability.

Such attacks often occur when customers visit malicious websites and download harmful applications that infect the miners.

In response, we have some recommendations to protect your mining operations from such threats and remove them if needed.

Three Ways to Prevent:

  1. Avoid Suspicious Websites: Do not visit potentially suspicious, unsafe websites.
  2. Authorized Firmware Only: Do not download or use any firmware not provided by BITMAIN, especially firmware claiming to overclock your S9 or T9 series miners. Unauthorized firmware or overclocking can void your warranty immediately.
  3. Strong Passwords: Change your password, and remember it. A strong password is always your first line of defense.

Three Steps to Handle and Eliminate:

  1. Quarantine Your Network: If you detect a threat, identify the infected PC or miners. Infected miners might be mining for an unknown pool or have their wallets hijacked. Quarantine the infected devices to prevent the virus from spreading.
  2. Reset to Factory Settings: Reset your infected miners to factory settings. You can refer to our guide on how to reset miners or use an SD card to reset your miner and install the latest firmware.

    How to reset miner to factory settings

  3. Change Your Password: After resetting, immediately change the miner’s password to a strong and secure one. Go to your miner User Interface > System > Administration. The default password for our new or reset miner is “root”. Once the status is “Updating Password”, your new password is set. Remember your password because you cannot reset or change your password if you do not remember it.

If you have multiple miners and need to change passwords in batch, you can use our APminerTool (V1.0.7). The APminerTool, developed by our Antpool team for our ANTMINER, allows you to change the password for multiple miners at once.

Download APminerTool here