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Our support section covers common problems and solutions specifically related to APW3, APW3+, APW3++, APW5, and APW7 power supplies. By addressing these concerns, we aim to assist our clients in maintaining the optimal performance of their mining equipment. Here are the key PSU problems and their solutions we cover:

1. The fan does not spin at all and has no 12V output: This issue may arise if the A/C side of the power supply is not properly powered. We recommend checking the A/C wire and ensuring it is securely connected. Additionally, verify the voltage from the power grid and use a multimeter to check the PSU’s output voltage.

2. The fan is spinning normally but has no 12V output: If the fan is functioning correctly but there is no 12V output, it could indicate low power grid voltage or the PSU being in protection mode. Use a multimeter to check the voltage and confirm that it is above 205V. Also, inspect the power supply for any signs of short circuits or overloading, as this can trigger protection mode. If necessary, power off the PSU for 10 minutes before resuming.

3. PSU repeatedly stops for a few seconds then resumes: This behavior typically occurs when the PSU activates its high-temperature protection mode. Check if the fan is spinning; if it is not, the PSU may require repair. Additionally, inspect the cooling air duct for blockages and remove any accumulated dirt. Ensure that the output and ambient temperature remain within the power limit curve specified in the PSU’s documentation.

4. The power output of the PSU is normal, but the fan is not spinning: If the power output is functioning correctly but the fan is not spinning, it suggests a malfunctioning fan. First, check for any debris blocking the fan and clear it if necessary. If the fan continues to malfunction, we recommend initiating a repair ticket to address the issue promptly.

Please note that PSU protection modes are designed to prevent hazardous situations, and understanding the precautions for using PSUs can help prevent damage. For more detailed instructions and frequently asked questions related to repairs, we provide comprehensive repair guides and FAQs. Additionally, you can access the user manuals for various PSUs on our website.

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