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Issue Description:

There may be instances where either the real-time (RT) hashrate is zero and the average (Avg.) hashrate is low, or both RT and Avg. hashrate values are zero. There may also be cases where the miner status shows no data.

Possible Causes and Troubleshooting Steps

1. ASIC Chips or Hashboards Issues:

If the ASIC chips or hashboards are not functioning as expected, this could lead to a zero hashrate display.


a. Ensure that data cables are firmly plugged in.

b. Upgrade the miner to the latest firmware.

2. Network or Mining Pool Issue:

Issues with the network or mining pool could also result in a zero hashrate display.


a. Check if the worker name and pool address are correct.

b. Ensure that the network is functioning properly.

3. Fan Issue:

If the kernel log shows “Fatal Error: some Fan lost or Fan speed low!”, it may be a fan-related issue.


Inspect the fan cables carefully or replace with a functioning fan for testing.

4. Abnormal Temperature:

The miner’s hashrate might display zero if the temperature exceeds the normal operating temperature range.


Refer to the Miner’s Normal Operating Temperature Range and take necessary steps to keep the miner within this range.

5. PSU Issue:

A PSU issue may also cause the ASIC status to display all X and abnormal temperature readings (e.g., all 15).


Test with a known good PSU.

6. Other Issues:

If all the above steps fail to resolve the problem, consider returning the miner to us for repair.

As always, our team is available to assist you should you require further assistance.