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Fan Correspondence in All-in-One Machines

An all-in-one mining machine has 4 fans. If a fan fails, the miner will shut down, and the protection mechanism will not function. When replacing a fan, it’s essential to replace the corresponding fan only.

The fan number on the control board aligns with the fan number on the miner’s user panel. To replace the fan, find the fan socket corresponding to the user panel’s fan number on the control board. Generally, FAN1 and FAN2 are rear fans, whereas FAN3 and FAN4 are front fans.

[image showing fan positions on control board]

[image displaying fan positions on user panel]

Steps to Disassemble the Fan from an All-in-One Machine

First, remove the cover on the control board and the power supply cover (for the front fan, you can also remove the control baffle without removing the power supply cover). Then, remove the corresponding screws of the cover plate and lift it to remove.

*Note: To remove the control panel cover, press down on the round button.

[image showing steps to remove control panel cover]

After removing the upper cover, unplug the corresponding fan power supply cable.

[image of unplugging the fan power supply cable]

Cut off the corresponding fan cable tie and remove the fan cable protection tape.

[image showing removal of fan cable tie and protection tape]

The rear fan wire is underneath the power supply copper bar. There’s no need to remove the copper bar, as there’s ample space for the fan wire to pass beneath it.

[image illustrating rear fan wire passing under copper bar]

Unscrew the 4 screws corresponding to the fan to remove it.

[image showing removal of screws and fan]


  1. Replacing the fan does not affect the warranty.
  2. When installing the fan, pay attention to the fan’s direction. The wind direction should be from front to back.

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