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Issue: No Data Displayed in Backend Interface

You may encounter an issue where you can access the backend of the miner but no data is displayed on the interface.

Possible Causes and Solutions:

  1. Network or Configuration Issues: If the miner can’t connect to the external network at startup, the interface may not display any data. Network errors can typically be identified in the log. Check that the network cable is properly connected to the external network and verify that the IP settings and mining pool configurations are correct.
  2. Overheating: If the miner starts at a high temperature, automatic protection mechanisms may prevent the display of data on the interface. High-temperature protection notifications can usually be found in the log. Increasing ventilation, adding exhaust fans, implementing water curtains, and insulating against heat and cold can help lower the ambient temperature and solve this issue.
  3. PIC Abnormality: An abnormal PIC (Programmable Intelligent Computer) is often accompanied by a high-temperature notification in the log, even if the actual temperature isn’t high. After thorough analysis, we’ve found that this issue is typically due to corrosion in the temperature sensor circuit and requires repair.

Need Further Assistance?

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