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If you encounter an issue where the hashboard loses chips or the ASIC status shows an ‘X’ after a period of operation, this guide will provide some troubleshooting steps.

For instance, a fully functional D3 hashboard has 60 ASIC chips. The image below illustrates a situation where Hashboard No.1 has lost chips, No.2 is normal, and No.3 displays an ‘X’.

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Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Test with a known functional PSU. Replace the existing PSU with a known working one to rule out power supply issues.
  2. Ensure proper grounding of the miner. A poorly grounded miner can result in various issues including lost chips.
  3. Verify the network’s functionality. Go to Network => Diagnostics => Enter pool stratum => Ping => Check the result. A packet loss of 0% indicates a normal network condition. The average delay time should be below 100ms, and the maximum delay should not be excessively high (e.g., when pinging stratum.antpool.com).
  4. Ensure the miner is operating in an optimal temperature environment. Also, check to make sure there is no accumulation of dust or other debris. Here’s a guide on how to clean your ANTMINERs: [Link to Guide].
  5. If the problem persists after performing the steps above, return the device for repair.

Remember, our support team is always here to assist you with any additional inquiries.