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Understanding the Configuration Components of Mining Pools

The mining machine’s mining pool configuration consists of three components: mining address, miner name, and password.

[image showing configuration components]

  1. Mining address: Usually provided by the mining pool. If you cannot find the corresponding mining pool, consult customer service.
    [image for mining address]
  2. Miner name: This is the sub-account registered with the mining pool.
    [image for miner name]
  3. Password: This is optional; leaving it empty or entering random characters will not affect mining.

The Three Configuration Options for Mining Machines

The mining machine configuration options include Mining Pool 1, Mining Pool 2, and Mining Pool 3, as shown below.

[image showing three configuration options]

Why are there three mining pools in the miner configuration?
Normally, only one pool is used for mining, while the other two serve as backups. When the miner is turned on, it first uses Pool 1. If Pool 1 experiences a connection issue, the miner switches to Pool 2 and subsequently to Pool 3 if Pool 2 also encounters a problem.

How to fill in these three mining pools?
Typically, the mining pool provides three mining addresses for you to copy directly. However, this approach has a drawback—the miner will shut down if the mining pool encounters abnormal issues.

An alternative method involves filling in the main mining pool in the first two pool configurations, and specifying a different mining pool in Pool 3. This method ensures that the miner only shuts down if both mining pools experience abnormalities simultaneously. The downside is the need to register and manage two mining pools. Nevertheless, this method is recommended (see the reference chart below).

[image illustrating recommended filling method]

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