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This guide applies to all ANTMINERs. When you log into your miner’s web interface and navigate to the Overview page, you’ll see a summary of your miner’s settings. Here’s how to understand what each term means:

To access this page, go to System > Overview.


Terms & Meanings:

1. Miner Type: This refers to the miner model. Sometimes, when you receive a new control board, the miner type might be showing a different model. This can happen because some miner models share the same type of control board. Don’t worry about this – just reload your firmware to the latest version that matches your miner.

See our guides on [Downloading Firmware] and [How to Reload Firmware].

2. Model: This refers to the miner’s operating system.

3. File System Version: This refers to the firmware version currently installed on the miner.

4. BMminer Version or Hardware Version: These terms refer to the mining program version running on the miner. If no mining program or status is displayed, refer to our guide on [No Mining Program or Status].

Should you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact us for assistance.