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Dispelling Myths: The Unjust Criticism of Soldered Heatsinks in Bitcoin Mining

In the evolving and complex landscape of Bitcoin mining, the Antminer 17 Series has often been misunderstood and prematurely dismissed. The narrative that prevailed in the industry painted the Antminer 17 Series as a flawed model, casting a shadow over its real potential. This precipitous judgement often stemmed from a prevalent lack of technical knowledge […]

How to Install BraiinsOS+ firmware on Antminer 17 Series

BraiinsOS+ firmware is a custom firmware designed for use with select ASIC miners. One of the benefits of using BraiinsOS+ firmware is that it allows users to complex algorithm profiles directly on their ASICs, which can improve mining performance. In addition, BraiinsOS+ firmware provides users with full control over their devices, including the ability to […]

Complete Guide to BM1397 ASIC Chip Selection and Replacement for Antminer 17 Series

Bitcoin stands tall as the pioneer and the most valuable digital asset. Bitcoin mining – the computational process through which new bitcoins are introduced into circulation and transactions are verified – is an integral part of this ecosystem. The heart of this process is the mining hardware known as ASIC chips. ASIC miners, specifically designed […]