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Insights from the Silvergate, Signature, and SVB Bank Failures

The banking sector has experienced a series of disruptions in recent months, with the unfortunate events surrounding Silvergate, Signature, and SVB leaving depositors facing financial challenges. What led to the failure of these banks? Was it mere misfortune or a case of digital asset mismanagement? In this blog post, we delve into the story behind […]

The Settlement Layer of Banking: How Bitcoin & Lightning Network Work

The traditional banking system settlement process is a complex and intricate system used by banks, financial institutions, and other entities to facilitate the transfer of money and other assets between parties. It involves several steps, beginning with creating an account for each party involved in the transaction. The bank or financial institution must approve each […]

Debunking the Bitcoin vs. VISA Electricity Consumption Fallacy

In recent years, a significant debate has emerged in the financial and technological communities regarding the energy consumption of Bitcoin, particularly when compared to traditional financial systems like VISA. A common misconception has taken root, suggesting that Bitcoin’s energy usage is excessively high, especially when measured on a per-transaction basis. This narrative has often led […]