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Bitcoin, Gresham’s Law, and the Evolution of Currency Behavior

As the landscape of global economy continues to evolve, certain financial principles remain applicable even with the passing of centuries. One such principle is Gresham’s Law. Coined in the mid-1500s, Gresham’s Law provides valuable insight into the behavior of currency markets and has implications for a range of financial and economic circumstances today. Named after […]

The Unique Benefits of Using Hard Money Like Bitcoin

Are you looking for a more secure and stable form of currency than traditional paper money? If so, hard money like Bitcoin may be the answer. Hard money is an asset-backed store of value that provides greater stability, increased fungibility, portability and security from government manipulation compared to fiat currencies. From gold to digital currency […]

Does Bitcoin have intrinsic value based on the cost of mining

In principle, the price of Bitcoin determines the cost of mining, not the other way around. There is no intrinsic value based on the cost of electricity for the mine. Very only, people mine Bitcoin if it is profitable. Those whose electricity prices are too high will give up. Mining tracks the price in bitcoins, […]