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Can Bitcoin Miners force Invalid Blocks?

When it comes to the world of cryptocurrency, there is a lot that people still do not know. On the surface, Bitcoin might seem like a chain of a bunch of blocks; however, it is so much more than that. It is important for everyone to understand how Bitcoin is

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Bitcoin Mining – Is it a waste of electricity?

Bitcoin uses a significant amount of energy to conduct the mining. In fact, the amount of energy consumed for electricity is similar to all that the nation of Denmark uses. The question has become, is it a waste of electricity? Bitcoin uses energy that directly converts to money. Can any

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Bitcoin VS Visa Electricity Consumption Fallacy

Bitcoin vs Visa Electricity Consumption Fallacy Those new to Bitcoin and mining Bitcoin may not realize what a contentious subject energy consumption is within the financial community. Long ago, and we are talking a handful of years, someone compared the amount of electricity required to process a single Visa credit

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What is hodling?

Holding is a ” buy and hold” strategy that is mostly useful in the context of cryptocurrency. HODL is simply a misspelling of the term “hold”, also a term that is very popular in the world of bitcoin and crypto. So, where did HODL come from? The Origin of HODL Well, the

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What is Hashing?

What is Hashing?  So you heard the term hashing, but unless you have a background in computer science, you probably aren’t quite sure what that means. Let’s take a look at hashing in the terms of cooking. When we hash something for example, like hash browns, we are chopping up

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Is Bitcoin traceable?

Cryptocurrency has become popular because of the blockchains that carry information about every transaction. While you may have heard Bitcoin offering anonymity, it’s important to look at what it does and doesn’t offer. Bitcoin is traceable, but only in certain aspects. One of the reasons why bitcoin became so popular

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Cryptopsychology and Bitcoin Mining

In December of 2017, Bitcoin reached its highest price ever at $19,783. The year of 2017 was a wild ride because Bitcoin started that year at around $1,000. Investors who bought Bitcoin at the beginning of 2017 and sold it at its peak made nearly twenty times their investment. However,

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Cryptocurrency Terms to Know Before You Invest

Cryptocurrency can be overwhelming. Terms are thrown back and forth, making it difficult to understand the conversations. Many people invest without taking the time to understand the key terms. You can be more successful with Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market when you’re more familiar with the terms used. We’ve

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