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The Rise of ASIC Commoditization

The Rise of ASIC Commoditization Since the emergent of cryptocurrencies and, most especially, Bitcoin, the industry has gained tremendous growth and attention with a lot of scholars and experts holding that Bitcoin is the next big thing. The growth of cryptocurrency can be attested to the idea that it’s coordinated

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How to Choose a Bitcoin Mining Pool

How to Choose a Bitcoin Mining Pool Bitcoin mining is one of the most exciting endeavors. Apart from the lucrative economic returns, it gives miners the privilege to mine their own bitcoins. While the yield may vary from one miner to another, it is always considered a more profitable option

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Is Bitcoin Backed by Something?

  One of the debates surrounding Bitcoin today is whether it is backed by something. Some people are skeptical about purchasing Bitcoin basing  their claims on a lack of backing. Since there is nothing physical about Bitcoin, the assumption is that the Cryptocurrency is not backed by anything, and therefore

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Mine&Hodl Case Study #2: Antminer S9

In the previous study, we only had a short period of mining with the machine, since this new generation came out at the end of the 3rd era of mining. The following study will take place over a much longer period and will yield very interesting results, we are sure

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Mining Centralization Scenarios

To fully examine and understand what mining centralization is truly, we may need to explore some scenarios to be able to understand the risks , how it plays out, and of course, its implications. Mining Centralization Explained Some “experts” will argue that bitcoin is somehow centralized while others will maintain

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Mine&Hodl Case study #1: Antminer S17

During the past few years, there has been a significant amount of attention paid to the world of Bitcoin. At the same time, many people are wondering how they can maximize the value of the capital they put into Bitcoin. In general, there are four possible strategies when it comes

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