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Bitfarms Appoints Ben Gagnon as Chief Executive Officer Amid Corporate Dispute with Riot Platforms

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Bitfarms Ltd., a global vertically integrated Bitcoin data center company, has appointed Ben Gagnon as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Gagnon was previously Chief Mining Officer at Bitfarms.

This leadership change comes amidst an ongoing corporate dispute with Riot Platforms, which seeks to reconstitute Bitfarms’ board of directors.

Company Background

Bitfarms was founded in 2017 with the mission to build and operate one of the largest vertically integrated Bitcoin mining operations. Over the years, Bitfarms has grown to become a leading player in the Bitcoin mining industry, known for its advanced infrastructure and strategic growth.

Bitfarms operates multiple Bitcoin data centers across the globe, with facilities located in Canada, the United States, Paraguay, and Argentina. These data centers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and managed by a highly skilled team, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in mining operations.

Bitfarms is committed to using environmentally friendly energy sources for its mining operations. The company primarily relies on hydroelectric power, which is both sustainable and cost-effective. By leveraging underutilized energy infrastructure, Bitfarms minimizes its carbon footprint and supports the development of renewable energy solutions.

Ben Gagnon’s Background

Ben Gagnon began his career at Bitfarms in 2019 as Director of Business Development. In this role, he was instrumental in expanding the company’s operations and forging strategic partnerships. His success led to his promotion to Director of Mining Operations in 2020, where he oversaw the optimization of mining processes and the implementation of advanced technologies. By 2021, Gagnon had risen to the position of Chief Mining Officer, responsible for the overall strategy and execution of Bitfarms’ mining operations.

Throughout his tenure at Bitfarms, Ben Gagnon has made significant contributions to the company’s growth and success. He developed and executed comprehensive growth strategies that have expanded Bitfarms’ operational capacity and market reach. Gagnon’s expertise in mining economics enabled the company to achieve greater efficiency and profitability. Additionally, he spearheaded the integration of cutting-edge technologies, enhancing Bitfarms’ mining capabilities and maintaining its competitive edge in the industry.

Ben Gagnon holds an M.Sc. in Internet Computing from Hong Kong University, where he gained deep insights into advanced computing technologies. He also earned a B.Sc. in Economic Consulting and International Business from Indiana University, providing him with a solid foundation in economic principles and international business practices.

Strategic Vision

Ben Gagnon envisions a future for Bitfarms that extends beyond traditional Bitcoin mining. He aims to diversify the company’s operations by expanding into new areas such as energy generation, heat recycling, and energy trading. Additionally, Gagnon is focused on leveraging high-performance computing (HPC) for artificial intelligence (AI), positioning Bitfarms at the forefront of technological innovation.

Leading up to the 2028 halving event and beyond, Gagnon has outlined strategic plans to ensure Bitfarms remains a dominant force in the industry. These plans include scaling up mining operations, optimizing energy use through sustainable practices, and expanding Bitfarms’ geographical footprint. By capitalizing on new opportunities in energy and computing, Gagnon aims to enhance the company’s value proposition and secure long-term growth.

Under Gagnon’s leadership, Bitfarms is set to become a beacon of innovation in the Bitcoin mining industry. His commitment to integrating advanced technologies and sustainable practices will drive continuous improvement and efficiency in mining operations. By pioneering initiatives such as heat recycling and energy trading, Bitfarms will not only enhance its operational capabilities but also contribute to the broader adoption of innovative solutions in the industry. Gagnon’s forward-thinking approach ensures that Bitfarms remains at the cutting edge of technological advancements, setting new standards for the future of Bitcoin mining.

Corporate Dispute with Riot Platforms

Riot Platforms, a major player in the Bitcoin mining industry, initiated a takeover attempt of Bitfarms in April 2024, offering a substantial premium over the current market price. Bitfarms’ board rejected the offer, deeming it undervalued. In response, Riot increased its stake in Bitfarms to 14.9%, intensifying the corporate tension between the two companies.

Riot Platforms launched a public campaign to reconstitute Bitfarms’ board of directors, unveiling the “ABetterBitfarms” website. This site aims to rally Bitfarms shareholders to support Riot’s call for a special meeting to elect new directors and address governance issues within Bitfarms. Riot’s campaign emphasizes the need for independent perspectives on Bitfarms’ board to ensure the company’s strategic direction aligns with shareholder interests.

Riot’s proposed changes to Bitfarms’ board include nominating John Delaney, Amy Freedman, and Ralph Goehring as new directors. Additionally, Riot seeks the removal of current board members Nicolas Bonta and Andrés Finkielsztain, whom they hold responsible for alleged governance issues. Riot argues that these changes are necessary to restore credibility and improve corporate governance at Bitfarms.

In response to Riot’s actions, Bitfarms has taken several strategic steps to protect its interests. On June 27, Bitfarms appointed Fanny Philip as an independent board member, bringing fresh perspectives and strengthening the board’s independence. Furthermore, Bitfarms adopted a “poison pill” defense strategy to prevent a hostile takeover by Riot. This plan allows shareholders with a 15% stake to increase their holdings to 20% without board approval, aiming to dilute Riot’s influence and maintain control over the company’s strategic decisions.

Market and Industry Impact

Amidst the corporate dispute, Bitfarms’ and Riot Platforms’ stock performances have been closely watched by investors. As of the latest reports, Bitfarms (BITF) shares are trading at $2.68, reflecting a 0.4% gain on the day and a 16.5% increase over the past 30 days. Conversely, Riot Platforms (RIOT) stocks have seen a decline, trading at $9.43, down 2.2% on the day and decreasing 4.8% over the past month. These fluctuations highlight the market’s mixed reactions to the ongoing battle for control and the recent leadership changes at Bitfarms.

The appointment of Ben Gagnon as CEO and the corporate dispute with Riot Platforms have sparked significant reactions across the industry. Industry experts and stakeholders have weighed in, with many expressing support for Gagnon’s leadership and vision for Bitfarms. Investors have shown confidence in his ability to steer the company towards growth and innovation. However, the aggressive takeover attempt by Riot and the ensuing boardroom battle have also raised concerns about potential instability and governance issues within Bitfarms. Overall, the industry remains divided, with opinions ranging from optimism about Bitfarms’ future under Gagnon to caution about the unresolved corporate conflict.

The future outlook for Bitfarms under Ben Gagnon’s leadership is poised to be dynamic, particularly in light of the ongoing dispute with Riot Platforms. Gagnon’s strategic vision, focused on expanding into new areas such as energy generation, heat recycling, and high-performance computing for AI, promises to drive innovation and growth. However, the corporate battle with Riot presents both challenges and opportunities. If Bitfarms can successfully navigate this period of tension and emerge with a stronger, more cohesive board, it could solidify its market position and enhance its strategic direction. On the other hand, prolonged conflict could distract from operational goals and impact investor confidence. Ultimately, the resolution of the dispute and the execution of Gagnon’s vision will be critical in determining Bitfarms’ trajectory in the competitive Bitcoin mining industry.

D-Central’s Perspective

At D-Central Technologies, we firmly believe that Ben Gagnon is the best man for the role of CEO at Bitfarms. His deep understanding of the Bitcoin mission, coupled with his principled leadership, makes him an ideal choice to lead Bitfarms into the future. Gagnon’s extensive experience and dedication to the industry set him apart from other leaders, ensuring that he is not just another corporate executive but a true advocate for Bitcoin.

Gagnon’s appointment as CEO is a significant positive development not only for Bitfarms but also for the broader Bitcoin community. By driving Bitfarms’ expansion and sustainability efforts, Gagnon will contribute to the resilience and advancement of the Bitcoin ecosystem. His leadership is expected to inspire confidence and encourage further innovation within the industry, reinforcing the importance of Bitcoin as a transformative technology.

Common Questions

What is Bitfarms?

Bitfarms is a global, vertically integrated Bitcoin hashcenter company that operates several hashcenters across Canada, the United States, Paraguay, and Argentina. Founded in 2017, Bitfarms is known for its advanced infrastructure and commitment to using environmentally friendly energy sources, primarily hydro-electric power, to support its Bitcoin mining operations.

Who is Ben Gagnon?

Ben Gagnon is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Bitfarms. He has been with the company since 2019, starting as Director of Business Development before moving up to Director of Mining Operations and then Chief Mining Officer. Gagnon is recognized for his strategic vision and contributions to Bitfarms’ growth and technological advancements.

What are Ben Gagnon’s plans for Bitfarms as CEO?

As CEO, Ben Gagnon plans to diversify and expand Bitfarms’ operations into new areas such as energy generation, heat recycling, energy trading, and high-performance computing (HPC) for artificial intelligence (AI). He aims to position Bitfarms at the forefront of innovation while driving growth and preparing for future events such as the 2028 Bitcoin halving.

How does Bitfarms contribute to the Bitcoin mining industry?

Bitfarms contributes to the Bitcoin mining industry by providing substantial computational power through its globally distributed data centers. The company’s commitment to sustainable energy sources, such as hydro-electric power, sets a benchmark for environmentally responsible mining practices. Bitfarms also plays a key role in advancing mining technology and efficiency.

What is the corporate dispute between Bitfarms and Riot Platforms about?

The corporate dispute between Bitfarms and Riot Platforms began with Riot’s attempted takeover of Bitfarms in April 2024, which Bitfarms’ board rejected. Riot has since increased its stake in Bitfarms to 14.9% and launched a public campaign to reconstitute Bitfarms’ board of directors, citing governance issues. Riot’s efforts include nominating new directors and seeking the removal of current board members. Bitfarms has responded with strategic moves such as appointing an independent board member and adopting a “poison pill” defense strategy to prevent a hostile takeover.


This article has detailed the significant leadership change at Bitfarms, with Ben Gagnon being appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer. It has also provided an overview of Bitfarms’ history, operations, and commitment to sustainability. We examined Gagnon’s extensive background, his strategic vision for Bitfarms, and the ongoing corporate dispute with Riot Platforms. The analysis covered the market and industry impact of these developments and included D-Central Technologies’ endorsement of Gagnon as the best fit for the CEO role.

Looking ahead, Bitfarms’ future under Ben Gagnon’s leadership appears promising. His strategic focus on expanding into new areas such as energy generation, heat recycling, and high-performance computing for AI aligns well with industry trends and the company’s growth objectives. The resolution of the corporate dispute with Riot Platforms will be crucial. If successfully navigated, Bitfarms can emerge stronger and more unified, enhancing its market position and continuing to drive innovation in the Bitcoin mining industry.

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