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Get a Quieter, More Efficient Fan Replacement for Your APW8/APW9 PSU

The APW8/APW9 PSU fan produces a large amount of noise due to its high speed rotation, making it difficult to use your devices in quiet environments. Additionally, the fan consumes a significant amount of power which increases energy costs over time. Replacing the existing fan with a quieter and more efficient one is an ideal […]

The Energy Cost of Bitcoin: Is It Worth the Price?

Bitcoin mining is a process that requires significant energy to power computers to solve complex mathematical equations and secure the blockchain. This energy requirement serves as an essential security measure, helping to protect the integrity of the network and prevent fraud. Additionally, it helps ensure that no single person or entity controls the network, promoting […]

Exploring the benefits and limitations of immersion cooling for high-performance computing

Immersion cooling is a cutting-edge technology that has the potential to revolutionize high-performance computing. This novel technique offers increased efficiency and lowers CAPEX & OPEX costs for businesses by submerging computer components in a dielectric liquid. It can also reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, making it an attractive option for those looking to […]