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Those of us who have been in the mining game for some time now understand how things have changed and how they will probably continue to change. To be on the cusp of understanding the changes can mean that you are more profitable, or just barely getting by. This guide and review will help to show the type of management systems that will help your mining procedures be more robust, efficient, and profitable.

The setup and maintenance needs of a mining operation

The long term mining success that you desire to have is based upon setting up your rigs correctly. When it comes to AISC attributes it must be correctly labeled, they must be stable and configured to various pools. Additionally, you’ll have to make sure that the mechanism is added to customer’s accounts and that firmware updates are made accordingly.

This is not a one and done deal as ASIC have to be monitored and reconfigured within the pools that they are connected to. Additionally, the speeds need to be monitored, firmware updated, and at times even custom firmware be installed in the system. To make sure all these things work together diagnostic and maintenance tests will need to be performed. The best way to handle all of this is to have experienced technicians on hand that are able to easily and efficiently work with all the aspects of a smooth operation.

The purpose behind ASIC Management Software

ASIC management software is the latest, and prime technology for the mission at hand. It successfully reduces laborious hours of work technicians are prone to operate on. The extra tools that this management system provides help technicians to work a lot more efficiently. If their work was compared to going out to battle, ASIC Management Software is the robust tool given to them to conquer the fight. Anything less would be a joke.

Boost revenue

When any efficient software is being used it actually becomes a more expensive operation. However, with ASIC Management Software it can detect things that can be worked on to improve revenue like updating firmware, offline miners, low-efficiency miner workers, and reducing fan speed.

Specialized bulk management

At times you might need to set up new workers in a bulk fashion. Of course, the choice is always there to do it one by one. However, with this system, you can set up everything in bulk and manage in bulk. The most popular features are setting up pools in bulk and upgrading firmware for all the workers.

Brings down overall cost

Mining operations are brought into order through this software, meaning you need less operation and labor hours. That alone brings the cost down.

Machine life cycle increases

Since the health of your machine will be monitored more on a regular basis, and in general it just helps everything to run more efficiently, your machinery will last you much longer which is beneficial for your bottom line.

A list of workers

In a great visual format, this management software allows you to filter your ASIC operations according to criteria like coin type, temperature, efficiency, and offline rigs.

Amazing alerts

In this work getting alerts are of great importance. Sometimes the rigs get overheated and they stop working. To make sure you can continue to profit in the mining business all rigs need to be working. So, if one goes down you will get an alert on telegram, email discord, or a text message.

Premier health diagnostic

Hiccups happen in the system that can end up slowing down results and increasing cost. However, with this system you will receive a report that reveals everything that needs to be improved upon to keep having efficient and successful mining operations.

Profit switching

That mechanism is most profitable when it is operated at the mining pool level. What it does is it signals for smart switching in between various chains based upon profitability. This works when incorporated at a mining pool level. Instead of switching on the miner management tool because it can create downtime and reduce your profitability.

Trigger feature

This particular software is quite handy when it comes to creating automatic rules. These rules can be set up when certain events occur. For instance, if the hash rate of your machine goes under a certain level then your machine can auto reboot. Another example would be when the temperature of your machine decreases then a trigger will set off to reduce the fan speed. If you pick up a certain type of pattern on your machines by certain timing throughout the day, you can also set configurations based upon those time frames.

Tracking for worker database

The database on this platform allows for all of your worker’s information to be available like warranty machine type, revenue, and historical efficiency.

Convenient hosting services

When you have customers that host with you they can have a login to the dashboard. They will be able to see all types of statistics and be able to alter any configurations to their liking.

ASIC Management Software on the market

Awesome Miner

This is one of our favourites. Very easy to use, versatile and in the industry for a long time, Awesome Miner brings together everything you need to monitor your machines and those of your customers.

Genesis Hexa

Over the years, it has held a reputation for producing more mining farms than any other company in the world. So, at last, they have come out with their own minor management system that is available to the public. We can all probably rest assured that it will be just as high quality and robust as its other solutions.


You know you got a great product on your hands, when you can interact with their team and have wonderful, efficient, and professional interactions. Minerstat has a reputation for being extremely easy to use. They’re integration methods into various tools and other software is remarkable.

There is an additional cost per worker which is around $1.35. Though it is an additional cost it’s worth it for the additional benefits you receive from having one.

Hive OS

This is another fantastic minor management software. The cost of it is a little more expensive starting at $3 a rig, and they do offer a handful of features less in comparison to minor stat. Still, there are plenty of miners who have been happy with this system for some time.

The world of benefits can’t be fully imagined until you experience ASIC management software. It has all of the components needed to bring your mining operation up to the next level. If you want more efficiency and increased revenue this just might be your way to go.

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