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Exploring the Qaxe and Qaxe+ Miners: Open-Source, Quad-Chip Powerhouses for Home Bitcoin Mining

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Bitcoin mining forms the backbone of the cryptocurrency network, providing both transaction validation and new currency issuance. Miners use powerful computers to solve complex mathematical problems; upon solving these problems, they process transactions and secure the network, earning new bitcoins as a reward for their efforts. This process not only incentivizes miners but also ensures the integrity and trustworthiness of Bitcoin transactions.

Enter the Qaxe and Qaxe+, innovative solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency mining. These devices are distinguished by their utilization of quad-BM1366 and quad-BM1368 ASIC chips respectively, setting new benchmarks in efficiency and performance. Designed to be open-source, both miners embody the spirit of transparency and collective development that is a hallmark of the cryptocurrency ethos. This open-source approach facilitates community-driven development, where users and developers can collaborate to enhance the miners’ designs and firmware, driving continual improvements and innovations.

By leveraging the power of community knowledge and cutting-edge technology, the Qaxe series represents a significant step forward in making Bitcoin mining more accessible and efficient for a global audience. This shift not only democratizes the mining process, allowing more participants to contribute to the network’s security, but also aligns with the sustainable growth of Bitcoin as a decentralized financial system.

Overview of Qaxe and Qaxe+ Miners

The Qaxe series is a product of progressive advancements in cryptocurrency mining technology, rooted deeply in the collaborative spirit of the open-source community. The development of the Qaxe miners can be traced back to the foundational projects of PiAxe and BitAxe. These earlier projects aimed to create scalable and efficient mining solutions that were accessible to a broader audience. Leveraging the learnings and technological foundations laid by the PiAxe and BitAxe, the Qaxe project was conceptualized to further enhance mining efficiency and reduce operational costs.

The integration with PiAxe and BitAxe not only enriched Qaxe with robust mining capabilities but also ingrained it with a community-focused development model. This model encourages ongoing improvements and optimizations contributed by users worldwide, ensuring that the miners remain at the technological forefront.

Qaxe Miner Specifications

The Qaxe miner is built around the powerful BM1366 ASIC chips, known for their high efficiency and processing power. The hardware is engineered to maximize mining output while minimizing power consumption, making it an ideal choice for both novice and professional miners. Key specifications include:

  • Hash Rate: The Qaxe achieves an impressive average speed of 1.7TH/s, making it competitive in the contemporary mining landscape.
  • Power Efficiency: This miner is designed to optimize electricity usage, reducing operational costs and enhancing the overall sustainability of mining operations.
  • Physical Design: The Qaxe features a compact and robust design that is suitable for various setups, from small personal rigs to large-scale mining farms. It includes advanced cooling systems to maintain optimal temperatures and prolong the lifespan of the hardware.

Qaxe+ Enhancements

Building on the success of the Qaxe, the Qaxe+ introduces several significant enhancements to push the boundaries of mining technology further:

  • BM1368 Chips: At the heart of the Qaxe+ are the BM1368 ASIC chips, which provide a substantial upgrade over the BM1366. These chips are not only more powerful but also feature improved architectural efficiencies that boost the miner’s performance.
  • Performance Improvements: The Qaxe+ is engineered to deliver between 2.2 to 2.4 TH/s, a notable increase from its predecessor. This enhancement ensures that the Qaxe+ can handle the increasing difficulty levels of Bitcoin mining more effectively.
  • Additional Features: The Qaxe+ also includes upgraded firmware that introduces new features such as enhanced security protocols, more detailed real-time analytics, and user-friendly configuration options. These improvements not only optimize mining operations but also enhance the user experience, allowing miners to get the most out of their devices.

These developments in the Qaxe+ not only highlight the evolution of the Qaxe mining technology but also reflect the project’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in the open-source mining community. Each iteration of the Qaxe series brings more power, efficiency, and usability to the forefront, contributing to the growing accessibility and sustainability of cryptocurrency mining.

Technical Deep Dive

The Qaxe and Qaxe+ miners are built around the BM1366 and BM1368 ASIC chips respectively. Here’s a closer look at these components and the overall hardware setup:

  • ASIC Chips: The BM1366 chip, used in the Qaxe, is a proven performer in the field of cryptocurrency mining, offering a balance between power efficiency and processing capability. The BM1368 chip, which powers the Qaxe+, provides a significant improvement in terms of throughput, achieving higher hash rates at comparable power efficiency levels. The BM1368 is designed to handle increased mining difficulty, ensuring longevity and relevance in the competitive mining landscape.
  • Cooling Solutions: Effective cooling is crucial for maintaining the longevity and efficiency of mining hardware. Both models incorporate advanced cooling technologies, including high-performance heat sinks and smart fan controls that adjust speed based on the processor’s temperature. This setup helps in maintaining an optimal operating temperature, thus safeguarding the hardware against overheating and potential damage.
  • Power Supply Requirements: The Qaxe models are optimized for energy efficiency but require stable and reliable power supply units (PSUs). For optimal performance, a PSU rated at least 80 PLUS Gold is recommended, providing enough wattage to handle the peak power demands of the miners without excessive energy waste.
  • Form Factor: The Qaxe and Qaxe+ are designed with a compact and durable form factor, making them suitable for various mining setups from home rigs to industrial-scale farms. Their modular design allows for easy maintenance and upgrades.

Installation and Setup

Setting up the Qaxe and Qaxe+ involves several key steps from physical assembly to software configuration:

  1. Physical Setup:
    • Assemble the mining rig frame.
    • Securely install the ASIC miners into the rig.
    • Connect each miner to the PSU using high-quality power cables.
    • Ensure that cooling systems are properly aligned with the miners.
  2. Software Configuration:
    • Connect the miner to your network via Ethernet.
    • Access the miner’s web interface through its IP address on your browser.
    • Configure your mining pool settings and wallet information.
  3. Firmware Updates and Flashing:
    • Download the latest firmware from the official Qaxe repository.
    • Use the USB Bootloader interface for firmware updates; this method ensures that the latest features and security updates are integrated smoothly.
    • Regular firmware updates are crucial for optimizing performance and enhancing security.

Mining Performance

Performance metrics are critical for evaluating the efficacy of mining hardware:

  • Hash Rates and Power Consumption:
    • The Qaxe provides a hash rate of approximately 1.7 TH/s, while the Qaxe+ boosts this to between 2.2 and 2.4 TH/s.
    • Both models are designed to maximize energy efficiency, with the Qaxe+ showing a significant improvement due to its advanced BM1368 chip.
  • Operational Costs:
    • The cost-effectiveness of mining operations is largely determined by the hash rate per watt ratio. Both Qaxe models excel in this area, offering competitive performances that can keep operating costs down, even in regions with higher electricity prices.
  • Real-World Testimonials and Performance Reviews:
    • Users have reported that the Qaxe series miners are not only robust and reliable but also remarkably efficient in terms of energy consumption and output.
    • Positive feedback from the community has highlighted the ease of setup and stability of the mining process, affirming the Qaxe series as a top contender in the market.

This detailed examination not only underscores the capabilities of the Qaxe and Qaxe+ miners but also showcases their practical applications in real-world mining operations, highlighting their adaptability, efficiency, and reliability.

The Open-Source Advantage

Open-source principles are integral to the development and continuous improvement of the Qaxe projects. By making the source code and hardware designs publicly available, Qaxe encourages a collaborative environment where developers, enthusiasts, and experts from around the world can contribute to the evolution of the miners.

  • Driving Innovation: Open-source allows for a diverse range of contributions, from minor tweaks to significant enhancements. This model accelerates innovation as modifications are shared community-wide, enabling rapid iteration and enhancement. For example, developers can optimize firmware to increase hash rates or reduce power consumption based on collective experiences and experiments.
  • Community-Driven Enhancements and Mods: One notable modification in the Qaxe series is the enhancement of its cooling system, which was reconfigured by community members to better manage heat dispersion and improve overall efficiency. Another significant community contribution is the development of custom BIOS mods that allow users to fine-tune their machines for optimal performance under specific mining conditions.

These contributions not only enhance the product but also foster a sense of ownership and engagement within the community, leading to a product that’s truly built by and for its users.

Supporting the Ecosystem

The use of open-source miners like Qaxe and Qaxe+ has substantial benefits for the Bitcoin network and its community:

  • Benefits to the Bitcoin Network:
    • Decentralization: By distributing the mining software and hardware designs openly, Qaxe helps prevent the monopolization of mining power. This decentralization is essential for the health of the Bitcoin network, ensuring no single entity can exert undue influence over the blockchain.
    • Security: Open-source projects are subject to scrutiny by a large number of developers, which can lead to more secure and robust systems. Every line of code and hardware design is reviewed by community members who can identify and rectify security flaws more efficiently than closed-source projects.
  • Contribution to Network Security and Decentralization:
    • Innovative Solutions for Network Scaling: Community developers often experiment with solutions that could indirectly assist Bitcoin’s scaling challenges, such as optimizing transaction verification processes and reducing the orphan block rate.
    • Enhanced Validation Security: More miners using hardware like Qaxe contribute to a more widespread and diverse validation process for transactions, enhancing the overall security and reliability of the blockchain.

The open-source nature of the Qaxe projects not only nurtures innovation and community collaboration but also significantly enhances the robustness, security, and democratic nature of Bitcoin mining. By embracing and supporting open-source hardware, the cryptocurrency community can ensure that mining remains accessible and fair, contributing to the ongoing health and decentralization of the Bitcoin network.


The Qaxe and Qaxe+ miners are at the forefront of cryptocurrency mining technology, offering exceptional efficiency and robust performance through their innovative use of BM1366 and BM1368 ASIC chips. These open-source miners not only stand out for their competitive operational metrics—such as high hash rates and energy efficiency—but also embody the principles of community-driven development.

The open-source framework of the Qaxe series promotes a decentralized and resilient Bitcoin network by encouraging widespread participation and collaborative improvement. This approach helps safeguard the blockchain against centralization and enhances its security by distributing power among a larger pool of contributors.

Moreover, the role of D-Central in manufacturing and reselling the Qaxe and Qaxe+ ensures that the miners are accessible to a broader audience, thereby supporting the original project’s vision and furthering the cause of decentralized mining technology. By engaging with the Qaxe community, users can contribute to the evolution of these devices, participate in an innovative ecosystem, and influence the future of Bitcoin mining.

We urge all potential miners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to explore these open-source solutions. Get involved in the vibrant community around Qaxe to share insights, improve mining practices, and support a more democratic mining landscape.


What are the Qaxe and Qaxe+ miners?

The Qaxe and Qaxe+ are innovative cryptocurrency mining devices utilizing quad-BM1366 and quad-BM1368 ASIC chips, respectively. They are open-source and designed to enhance Bitcoin mining efficiency and make it more accessible globally.

What is the significance of being open-source for these miners?

Being open-source means the Qaxe series encourages community-driven development and improvements. This transparency and collaboration align with the cryptocurrency ethos, driving continual innovations and making the mining process more democratic and accessible.

How do Qaxe miners contribute to the Bitcoin network?

Qaxe miners contribute to the Bitcoin network by decentralizing mining power, enhancing network security through widespread transaction validation, and supporting network scaling and efficiency through community-driven innovations and optimizations.

What are the key features of the Qaxe miner?

The Qaxe miner boasts a hash rate of 1.7TH/s, optimized power efficiency, and a robust physical design with advanced cooling systems. It’s designed for both novice and professional miners looking for efficient and sustainable mining operations.

What improvements does the Qaxe+ miner offer over the Qaxe?

The Qaxe+ uses BM1368 ASIC chips for improved performance, achieving hash rates between 2.2 to 2.4 TH/s. It also features enhanced security protocols, detailed analytics, and user-friendly configuration settings.

How does open-source contribute to innovation in mining technology?

Open-source allows for rapid innovation in mining technology as it facilitates a broad, collaborative platform where developers can share modifications and improvements. This accelerates the iteration process and leads to more efficient and effective mining solutions.

What are the benefits of open-source miners like Qaxe and Qaxe+ for the Bitcoin network?

Open-source miners contribute to the decentralization and security of the Bitcoin network by preventing monopolization of mining power. They also promote a more secure, robust system through community scrutiny and improvements, supporting the network’s integrity and trustworthiness.

How can someone get involved with the Qaxe community?

To get involved with the Qaxe community, you can participate in forums and contributions towards the projects’ development, such as suggesting improvements, participating in testing, or developing custom mods. Engaging with the community supports collaborative development and helps democratize Bitcoin mining.

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