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D-Central's Security for Bitcoin Miners


More and more mining farms are being compromised by malicious attacks. most of them observed that their names as minefield workers had been manipulated and that their miners had been misused in other pools to which they had not joined, leading to a loss of profitability. Some of these sophisticated malicious attacks have ransomatic minors because of the threat of overheating mining equipment. unlike most traditional ransom attacks, where victims must collect coins to pay ransom, victims of h-ant ransomware probably already have cryptocurrency to pay for malicious attackers. There are also several vulnerable minors to the back doors included in some of the manufacturer’s firmware. Maintaining a healthy network and healthy miners has never been so critical and it will only get worse. prepare accordingly, do not wait!

Do not wait to be infected by Antbleed hAnt Fake System Files NightSwitcher AntBuild

The security threats facing organizations are constantly evolving and the solutions to combat them should also be. Prevention has always been a winning strategy for the security of your network. Our unique approach to network security is to bring the best enterprise security systems to businesses, regardless of size or technical expertise. All our products and services are ideal for SMEs. Plans and products at affordable prices. Whether you have a site or hundreds of sites around the world, we have a device suited to your environment. The security landscape can be complex, but managing the security of your business doesnt have to be.

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