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Bitmain Antminer S19

Bitmain Antminer S19


D-Central offers the Bitmain Antminer S19, expertly refurbished for a new lifecycle, a beacon of performance in the Bitcoin mining universe.

Enhanced with BraiinsOS+ firmware pre-installed on all units, optimizing for autotuning and power efficiency, particularly in residential setups. If preferred, the original firmware can be retained upon request for the Commercial (Stock) Configuration.

  • Commercial (Stock): 200-240V setup with three hashboards, ready for industrial-scale operations.
  • Residential (Modded): 110-240V friendly configuration with two hashboards and a silent operation design for home mining.

Choose between robust stock fans for industrial mining or Noctua Silent Fans for peaceful residential mining, ensuring efficient cooling and a quiet environment.

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D-Central Technologies proudly unveils the Bitmain Antminer S19 95T – a beacon of performance in the Bitcoin mining universe. Engineered for enthusiasts who prioritize efficiency and profitability, this unit is your entrée to mastering the mining landscape.

Refurbished for Peak Performance

Our Antminer S19 units are refurbished to deliver peak performance. By standardizing our inventory, we streamline the choice for you, focusing on delivering a product that operates effectively in its new life cycle, ideally suited for both commercial and residential mining operations.

BraiinsOS+ Firmware for Enhanced Mining

To provide an optimal mining experience, particularly for those running miners in residential settings, all our units come with BraiinsOS+ firmware installed. This custom firmware is renowned for its ability to enhance the operational efficiency of the 19 series miners, offering features such as:

  • Autotuning: Maximizing hashrate potential while maintaining power efficiency.
  • Enhanced Monitoring: Providing detailed insights into the miner’s performance for better control and decision-making.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifying the setup and management process to be as accessible and straightforward as possible.

Should you wish to operate the unit with its original firmware, please let us know before your purchase, and we will accommodate your request.

Customized for Your Environment

We’ve tailored the Antminer S19 to suit any mining environment:

  • Commercial APW12 200-240V (Stock): Ideal for industrial setups with high-power availability, featuring three hashboards ensuring you get the most out of the unit’s potential.
  • Residential APW12 110-240V (Modded): Customized for home use, featuring two hashboards and a central airflow separator to facilitate quiet operation and compatibility with 110-120V North American power outlets.

Cooling Efficiency Meets Silent Operation

To complement our tailored configurations, choose from robust stock fans for commercial setups or opt for Noctua Silent Fans for a tranquil home mining environment. This upgrade is designed to maintain cooling efficiency while reducing operational noise, perfect for integrating mining into your daily living space without disruption.

Key Features

  • Algorithm Compatibility: SHA-256, perfect for BTC.
  • Impressive Hashrate: 95TH/s for top-tier mining efficiency.
  • Energy Conscious: Power consumption of 3250W.
  • Optimal Operating Conditions: Designed to perform in a variety of environments.
  • Dual AC Input: Enhanced power supply stability.

The Antminer S19j Pro isn’t just a mining device; it’s an investment in the future of sustainable and profitable cryptocurrency mining. Whether you’re scaling up your mining operations or starting a new venture, the S19j Pro is your partner in achieving your mining ambitions.

Order Now and Transform Your Mining Experience

The Bitmain Antminer S19 95T is quickly becoming the efficient baseline miner in the market. Position yourself at the forefront of the Bitcoin mining revolution by securing your unit today.

Antminer S19-95 TH/s

Manufacturer Bitmain
Model Antminer S19
Normalized hashrate 95 TH/s
Release May 2020
Size 410 x 196 x 209mm
Weight 13200g
Hashboards 3
Chip name BM1398
Chip size 7nm
Chip count 114
Cooling Fans
Noise level 75db
Power 3250W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 -40 °C
Humidity 5 -95 %

Every ASIC we sell is a testament to our commitment to quality. After our meticulous reconditioning process, each unit undergoes an additional, rigorous 24-hour test before shipping. This ensures that what you receive is nothing short of the best in performance and reliability.

Setup Right

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your machine:

  • Employ efficient cooling mechanisms.
  • Use a dedicated AC 10A cable.
  • Maintain the following conditions:
    • Humidity below 75%.
    • AC voltage between 210-240V.
    • Dust concentration under 0.5 Mg/m3.

Reconditioned Excellence

Our machines aren’t just refurbished; they’re revitalized. We bring them back to their prime condition. When you buy from us, you’re securing top-quality equipment on a first-come-first-served basis.

90-Day Warranty

Your trust matters to us. That’s why every purchase comes with a 90-day warranty. Should any issues arise, we offer prioritized repairs to ensure you’re back to mining in no time. Just remember to keep the security seals untouched.

Shipping & Customs

Navigating international shipping can be tricky. Always stay informed about your local customs regulations to avoid unexpected costs. Note that the listed price doesn’t include shipping charges, customs fees, or taxes.

Processing Time

We value your time. While our standard processing time for testing, packing, and shipping refurbished mining hardware is typically under 48 hours, we ask for your patience and allow us up to 5 business days to ensure everything is perfect.

Final Sale & Pricing

The dynamic world of cryptocurrency means prices can change. While we strive to offer competitive rates, please understand that all sales are final. We won’t be able to honor refund requests due to price adjustments.

Purchase Agreement

Your satisfaction is our priority. By making a purchase, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and our comprehensive return and refund policy.

Additional information

Weight 15000 g
Dimensions 53 × 33 × 43 cm

Commercial APW12 200-240V (Stock), Residential APW12 110-240V (Modded), Residential APW3 110-240V (Loki Kit+Urlacher)

Cooling Fans

Stock Fans, Noctua Silent Fans


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