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The NerdAxe

The NerdAxe


Introducing the NerdAxe: A revolutionary upgrade for NerdMiners, designed to dramatically enhance the efficiency and power of your Bitcoin mining operations. The NerdAxe upgrade transforms NerdMiners from 56 KH/s to a colossal 500 GH/s, catapulting the collective output of nearly 9 million times the power of a standard Nerdminer. The NerdAxe is ideal for those who embrace innovation and contribute to the evolution of open-source mining.

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Revolutionize your micro-mining with the NerdAxe, the pinnacle of efficiency and technological progress in Bitcoin mining. Designed specifically for the vast community of over 35,000 NerdMiners, this upgrade raises the collective hashrate from 2.2 GH/s with NerdMiners to an astonishing 17.5 PH/s (17,500,000 GH/s) when all units are upgraded to NerdAxe.

Kit Options

Expansion Kit

  • For NerdMiner Owners: This kit includes the board only, ready to upgrade your existing NerdMiner. It’s the recommended option for current NerdMiner users looking to enhance their setup.

Full Kit

  • Complete Setup: Comes with the Lilygo NerdMiner screen attached to the device, offering a true plug-and-play experience with no upgrade needed. Ideal for those starting fresh or seeking a hassle-free setup.

Product Features

  • Exponential Efficiency Gain: With each NerdAxe unit boasting a formidable 500 GH/s output—nearly 9 million times more powerful than a single Nerdminer at 56 KH/s.
  • Plug-and-Play Convenience: Effortlessly enhance your existing setup by connecting your TTGO T-Display S3 to the NerdAxe. This simple integration means you can upgrade your miner quickly without complex configurations.
  • Scalable Mining Impact: Transitioning all 35,000 NerdMiners to NerdAxe could redefine the efficiency of decentralized mining, boosting the network’s sovereign hashrate contribution significantly and pioneering a new era of micro-mining.

Why Upgrade to NerdAxe?

  • Dramatic Hash Rate Increase: Elevate from a minimal 56 KH/s per device to an impressive 500 GH/s, enhancing your competitive edge in the mining landscape.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: The BM1366 chip not only scales up your mining power but does so with exceptional energy efficiency, ensuring more hashes per watt and reducing operational costs.
  • Cutting-Edge Mining Technology: Stay ahead with NerdAxe’s progressive features and community-driven updates, keeping your mining operations at the forefront of technological advancements.

Transform Your Mining Experience

The NerdAxe is not merely an upgrade; it’s a quantum leap in mining technology that multiplies your hash rate while optimizing energy usage.

Special Note

This is not yet a refined final commercial product, but rather a unique release suitable for thinkers, innovators and enthusiasts who enjoy the process of exploration and discovery. This is an invitation to be part of the development journey, contributing to the growth and evolution of open-source mining.

You may need to program the device and there will likely be minor issues to resolve. The NerdAxe product line is a flight-built aircraft. Please note that updates are coming to this kit, but orders cannot be cancelled to get an updated version if a version is released. Your purchase constitutes a commitment to the version available at the time of your order.

Supporting Innovation

For every NerdAxe sold, 10$ will be remitted to Open Source Miners United in support of their innovative open-source efforts that contribute to the making of these wonderful and useful products.

GNU v3.0 License applies. Copyright (c) 2024 Skot.

Additional information

Weight 680 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm
Kit Version

Expansion Kit, Full Kit


Black, Orange

Power adapter

No Power Supply, North America (US) 5V 4A, Europe (EU) 5V 4A

Setup Instructions

Step 1: Unbox and Inspect

Unbox your NerdAxe and ensure all components are present and undamaged. Components include:

  • NerdAxe device
  • 5V/4A power supply (optional)
  • Standing case for the device (pre-assembled)

Step 2: Connect Power Supply

  1. Plug the NerdAxe into the included 5V/4A power supply.
  2. Important: Do not use any non-approved power supply, as it will permanently damage the device.

Step 3: Initial Power-Up

  1. Power on the NerdAxe. Wait until the text “Connect to ssid: Nerdaxe_XXXX” appears on the screen.
  2. Using a WiFi-capable device (such as a phone or laptop), search for the WiFi network named Nerdaxe_XXXX.
  3. Connect to the Nerdaxe_XXXX SSID.

Step 4: Access AxeOS Web Portal

  1. Once connected, you should be automatically prompted or redirected to the AxeOS web portal.
  2. If not automatically redirected:

Step 5: Configure WiFi Settings

  1. In the AxeOS web portal, click on the ‘Settings’ button.
  2. Enter the WiFi SSID and password for your local WiFi network.
    • Note: NerdAxe is not compatible with 5GHz WiFi; it only works with 2.4GHz WiFi.
    • Double-check the WiFi SSID and password before entering to prevent manual recovery later.

Step 6: Update Mining Pool Settings

  1. In the AxeOS web portal, update the following:
    • Pool URL and Port: Enter the details of your preferred mining pool or leave the default settings.
    • Stratum User: Enter your BTC address followed by your worker name (e.g., btcAddress.workerName).
    • Stratum Password: Leave the default value or specify one if required by the pool.
    • Frequency and Core Voltage: Adjust these settings to optimize ASIC performance (default values are recommended).

Step 7: Save and Restart

  1. Click Save, then click Restart to apply the changes.

Step 8: Start Mining

  1. If everything is configured correctly, your NerdAxe will start mining.

For detailed instructions, refer to the full guide available via the provided QR code or contact the Bitronics team for further assistance.


1. What is the NerdAxe and why is it significant?

The NerdAxe is an advanced Bitcoin ASIC miner developed from the NerdMiner project, equipped with the BM1366 ASIC chip from Antminer’s S19XP. It delivers 500 GH/s at an energy efficiency of 20 J/TH, making it a powerful yet accessible tool for both hobbyists and serious miners. Its open-source nature ensures flexibility and promotes decentralization in Bitcoin mining.

2. What cooling options are available for the NerdAxe?

The NerdAxe offers efficient cooling solutions tailored to its compact design:

  • Basic Cooling: Ensures stable performance under typical conditions.
  • Noctua Cooling: Provides quieter operation with enhanced thermal management.
  • Ice Cooler Tower: Maximizes heat dissipation for high-performance use.
  • Noctua Cooler Tower: Combines the Ice Cooler Tower with RGB and Noctua fans for the ultimate cooling solution.

3. How do I set up the NerdAxe?

The NerdAxe arrives fully assembled and ready to mine. To set it up:

  1. Power it up using the included 5V/4A power supply.
  2. Connect to the NerdAxe WiFi network (SSID: Nerdaxe_XXXX).
  3. Access the AxeOS web portal by visiting
  4. Enter your WiFi credentials and configure your mining pool settings.

4. Is the NerdAxe suitable for solo mining?

Yes, the NerdAxe is ideal for solo mining. Its design promotes decentralization, allowing miners to operate independently and support the Bitcoin network’s security and resilience. It features advanced connectivity options, making it easy to manage and join preferred mining pools.

5. What are the key features of the NerdAxe?

  • User-Friendly Interface: Accessible even for beginners.
  • Enhanced Durability: Built with high-quality materials for long-term reliability.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Advanced diagnostics and analytics tools for performance monitoring.
  • Versatile Configuration: Supports various mining configurations to optimize performance.

6. How does the NerdAxe support open-source development?

The NerdAxe embraces the open-source ethos, with all design files available for community modification and improvement. This encourages collaborative development and continuous innovation in Bitcoin mining technologies.

7. What makes the NerdAxe energy efficient?

The NerdAxe is equipped with the BM1366 ASIC chip, known for its extraordinary power efficiency of 20 J/TH. This ensures it is both profitable and environmentally friendly, supporting sustainable mining practices.

8. Are there any known issues or considerations with the NerdAxe?

Initial setup may require some technical adjustments, such as ensuring proper WiFi connectivity and configuring mining settings. Refer to the detailed setup guide or contact support for assistance.

9. Is the NerdAxe profitable?

The NerdAxe’s profitability can vary due to its single ASIC chip, which provides lower hashrate compared to larger, multi-chip miners. It’s often used as a “lotto miner” or for stacking small amounts of satoshis from mining pools. It’s not typically profitable with high electricity prices, but it offers valuable learning experiences and supports decentralized, open-source mining efforts.

10. What is lotto mining, and why is the NerdAxe ideal for it?

Lotto mining involves solo mining with a small hashrate, similar to buying a lottery ticket. While the chances of finding a block are slim, the potential reward is significant. The NerdAxe is ideal for lotto mining because it allows participation in mining without massive infrastructure or capital investment. It supports the decentralization of the network and provides hands-on experience with Bitcoin mining technology.

11. Why should I consider using the NerdAxe if it’s not highly profitable?

The primary goal of the NerdAxe is to offer an accessible entry point into Bitcoin mining. It is perfect for learning, experimentation, and contributing to the Bitcoin network’s decentralization. Additionally, mining with a NerdAxe allows you to acquire “fresh” BTC, providing a unique and valuable experience in the world of cryptocurrency.


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