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We have the latest generations of machines in stock. In addition, you will find on this page the links to the main manufacturers

Follow the Mine&Hodl strategy

The data shows it, following the Mine&Hodl strategy with a new generation, in the start of a bull market will have even more returns than just buying Bitcoin. When the market is bearish, the Mine&Sell strategy is an interesting option because it will allow you to compound your mining hardware and thus increase your hashrate. This strategy is worthwhile if your compouding allows you to increase your hashrate faster than the mining difficulty.

The new generations have a much higher life expectancy than the generations that preceded them. Of course, there can always be surprises in development, but there are several points that make buying these generations a longer term investment than before. They are more expensive but can also survive bitcoin price weaknesses or sudden increases in mining difficulty, so these machines are recommended.

We have the latest hardware in stock

We have developed a good network around mining equipment over time in the industry. Thus, we always have access to the very latest generations of equipment. We also have several machines in stock in our online store. These machines are especially useful for our customers who want to make a payment and start mining with us immediately. In addition, the low availability of next generation miners from manufacturers makes the start-up task even more difficult. D-Central is a good starting point to get everything you need under one roof.

Our turnkey formula welcomes you

D-Central’s mission is clear. The decentralization of Bitcoin mining. This is why it is important for us that miners of all sizes have access to turnkey mining hosting services. We have implemented a favorable price scale compared to residential rates almost everywhere in the world. We include in our prices maintenance, dust removal, surveillance, etc. of your machines. You can practically place your machines and forget about them with us while reaping the rewards of your miners’ labor. Our dashboard shows you in real time your profitability compared to the price paid with us. You will have full control over your machine to be able to change pools, restart, etc. We believe that having your own miner is as important as having your own node. Bitcoin enthusiasts, mine.

Competition from mining hardware is increasing

One point that is very encouraging for the mining industry lately is the increased competition that we have seen in the mining sector, especially in the manufacturing of mining machinery. This competition translates into better purchasing conditions, longer warranties, superior after-sales service and constantly evolving equipment. Indeed, Bitcoin mining operations are now much better served than in the past.


Bitmain offers hardware and solutions, for blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.


As a world-leading supercomputing solution provider, Canaan focuses its business on blockchain and AI.


Innosilicon, is a one-stop provider of high-speed mixed signal IP and ASIC customization.


MicroBT is a company focusing on integrated circuit chip and products development.

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We are more than a mining facility; we are your mining partners. Whether you're an amateur or a professional miner, our goal is to make your mining more profitable by offering the latest and most efficient ASIC mining solutions.