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Antminer S9 Space Heater Edition

Antminer S9 Space Heater Edition

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Discover the Antminer S9 Space Heater Edition, where cutting-edge cryptocurrency mining meets home comfort. Designed to keep you warm while it mines Bitcoin, this unique product offers the best of both worlds. It comes packed with the Silent Noctua Cooling fans for a whisper-quiet experience. Elevate your home and investment game with this dual-purpose marvel.

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Warm your home while earning Bitcoin with the Antminer S9 Space Heater Edition. This is the future of home comfort and cryptocurrency mining, brought to you by D-Central Technologies in collaboration with Cryptocloaks. D-Central’s Antminer S9 Space Heater Edition is a groundbreaking bundle that offers you the best of both worlds: in a completely plug-and-play fashion. All of this comes at an unbeatable price, fully equipped and ready to go, delivered right to your doorstep.

What’s Included?

Key Features

  • Efficient Mining: The Antminer S9 is a reliable choice for Bitcoin mining, offering consistent performance.
  • Silent Yet Powerful: Choose between standard and Noctua cooling options to suit your noise preference.
  • Dual Utility: The Space Heater Mining Box provides both warmth and Bitcoin mining capabilities.
  • BraiinsOS+ Powered: The unit runs on the robust BraiinsOS+, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Smart Home Integration

Perfectly compatible with Home Assistant, this space heater will seamlessly integrate into your smart home setup. Future versions will offer thermostat solutions and more.

Supporting Innovation

For every Antminer S9 Space Heater Edition sold, $10 will be remitted to Cryptocloaks in support of their innovative 3D case design.

Crafted by D-Central Technologies, the Antminer S9 Space Heater Edition is a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Stay warm, earn Bitcoin, and optimize your mining operations with this unique offering.

Every ASIC we sell is a testament to our commitment to quality. After our meticulous reconditioning process, each unit undergoes an additional, rigorous 24-hour test before shipping. This ensures that what you receive is nothing short of the best in performance and reliability.

Setup Right

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your machine:

  • Employ efficient cooling mechanisms.
  • Use a dedicated AC 10A cable.
  • Maintain the following conditions:
    • Humidity below 75%.
    • AC voltage between 110V-120V and 210-240V.
    • Dust concentration under 0.5 Mg/m3.

Reconditioned Excellence

Our machines aren’t just refurbished; they’re revitalized. We bring them back to their prime condition. When you buy from us, you’re securing top-quality equipment on a first-come-first-served basis.

90-Day Warranty

Your trust matters to us. That’s why every purchase comes with a 90-day warranty. Should any issues arise, we offer prioritized repairs to ensure you’re back to mining in no time. Just remember to keep the security seals untouched.

Shipping & Customs

Navigating international shipping can be tricky. Always stay informed about your local customs regulations to avoid unexpected costs. Note that the listed price doesn’t include shipping charges, customs fees, or taxes.

Processing Time

We value your time. While our standard processing time for testing, packing, and shipping refurbished mining hardware is typically under 24 hours, we ask for your patience and allow us up to 5 business days to ensure everything is perfect.

Final Sale & Pricing

The dynamic world of cryptocurrency means prices can change. While we strive to offer competitive rates, please understand that all sales are final. We won’t be able to honour refund requests due to price adjustments.

Purchase Agreement

Your satisfaction is our priority. By making a purchase, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and our comprehensive return and refund policy.

Additional information

Weight 9070 g
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 30 cm

Wired, WiFi


140mm Silent Arctic P14, 140mm Silent NF-A14

Body Color

Black, Gray, White, Orange, Red, Green, Blue

Power Cord

NEMA 5-15P to IEC C13, CEE 7/7 to IEC C13

Installation Guide

Initial Setup

  1. Connect Ethernet Cable: Insert the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the front of the Bitcoin Space Heater.
  2. Power Up: Connect the IEC C13 end of the power cable into the Bitcoin Space Heater and plug the other end into your power socket.
  3. Wait for Wi-Fi Broadcast: Allow about 15 seconds for the Vonets VAP11G-300 Wi-Fi Bridge to broadcast its setup Wi-Fi network.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

  1. Connect to Vonets Network: Using a computer or mobile phone, connect to the Vonets Wi-Fi network named VONETS_2.4G_XXXX. The password is 12345678.
  2. Access Configuration Page: Open a web browser and go to http://vonets.cfg or
  3. Login: On the login page, enter admin for both the username and password, then click the Login button.
  4. Setup Wi-Fi:
    • Click on the wizard tile.
    • Select your desired Wi-Fi network from the list and click Next.
    • Enter the password for the selected Wi-Fi network and click Apply (ensure the password is correct to avoid restarting the process).
    • Click on Reboot.
  5. Reboot and Scan: Wait for about 2 minutes for the Vonets Wi-Fi bridge to reboot. Use an IP scanner, BTCTools, or other network scanning software to locate the Bitcoin Space Heater’s IP address on your network.

Accessing the Bitcoin Space Heater

  1. Login to WebUI: Use the IP address to login to the Bitcoin Space Heater webUI. The default password is admin.
  2. Configure Pool and Workername: Enter your pool information and worker name, then click save.

Factory Reset the Vonets Wi-Fi Bridge

If you need to factory reset the Wi-Fi bridge, follow one of the methods below:

  1. Direct Line Connection:
    • Plug the Ethernet cable from the Bitcoin Space Heater directly into a computer, creating a physical connection.
  2. Wi-Fi Connection:
    • Use a network scanner like Advanced IP Scanner to locate the IP address of the Vonets bridge. It will appear as vonets.lan with the manufacturer name Tiger NetCom.
  3. Extension Network:
    • Connect to the extension network created by the Vonets Wi-Fi bridge, typically named OriginalNetworkName_XX. Use the same password as the original Wi-Fi network.

Reset Procedure

  1. Access Vonets Configuration Page:
    • Once connected via any of the above methods, open a browser and navigate to http://vonets.cfg.
    • Login using admin for both username and password.
  2. Restore Default Settings:
    • Go to Wizard > System Settings > Advanced Settings > Restore Default Settings and click the reset button to factory reset the Wi-Fi bridge.
    • Wait for about 30 seconds for the Vonets to reboot.
    • You are now ready to pair it to a new Wi-Fi network.

By following these steps, you’ll have your D-Central Bitcoin Space Heater up and running efficiently. Enjoy the dual benefits of mining Bitcoin and heating your space!


  1. How does a Bitcoin Space Heater work?
    • A Bitcoin Space Heater combines the functionalities of a traditional space heater with a Bitcoin mining device. It uses the heat generated from the mining process to warm your space, effectively utilizing the energy that would otherwise be wasted.
  2. Is it cost-effective to use a Bitcoin Space Heater compared to a regular heater?
    • Yes, Bitcoin Space Heaters can be more cost-effective because they provide heating while also earning Bitcoin, offsetting some of the operating costs. This dual-purpose utility helps in reducing overall energy costs.
  3. What are the power requirements for a Bitcoin Space Heater?
    • Power requirements vary by model. For example, the Antminer S9 Space Heater Edition typically operates at 750 to 1000 watts. Always check the specific model’s specifications for accurate power requirements.
  4. How noisy are Bitcoin Space Heaters?
    • Bitcoin Space Heaters are designed to be both efficient and quiet. They are modified with quiet, silent fans and are typically underclocked to reduce stress on the unit. This allows lower RPM fans to be sufficient for cooling, significantly minimizing noise levels and making them suitable for residential use.
  5. Can Bitcoin Space Heaters be integrated with smart home systems?
    • Yes, many Bitcoin Space Heaters can be integrated with smart home systems like Home Assistant. This allows users to automate heating schedules, monitor performance, and control the device remotely, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
  6. What maintenance is required for a Bitcoin Space Heater?
    • Regular maintenance includes cleaning the device to prevent dust buildup and ensuring proper ventilation. Some models may require periodic firmware updates and monitoring of mining performance to ensure optimal operation.
  7. How do I connect my Bitcoin Space Heater to the internet?
    • Most Bitcoin Space Heaters use a Wi-Fi bridge, such as the Vonets VAP11G-300. You can connect it to your network by following the setup instructions, which typically involve connecting to a setup Wi-Fi network, entering your home Wi-Fi credentials, and rebooting the device.
  8. What should I do if my Bitcoin Space Heater is not connecting to Wi-Fi?
    • If your device is not connecting to Wi-Fi, you may need to factory reset the Wi-Fi bridge and reconfigure the network settings. Ensure you enter the correct Wi-Fi password and check for any network compatibility issues.
  9. Is it safe to use a Bitcoin Space Heater?
    • Yes, Bitcoin Space Heaters are generally safe to use, provided they are used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure proper installation, avoid obstructing ventilation, and keep the device away from flammable materials.
  10. Can I use a Bitcoin Space Heater in any climate?
    • Bitcoin Space Heaters are most effective in colder climates where the heat generated can be fully utilized. In warmer climates, the additional heat might not be desirable. However, they can be used in any climate if managed properly.

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