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AntSniffer is a specialized device designed for tapping into the signals on Antminer data cables, essential for logic analyzers and development in cryptocurrency mining. It features a 4-layer PCB with 2 SMD connectors compatible with Antminer’s 18-pin data cables, an LED indicator for connection verification, and a pin header for easy data connection identification. Open-source and community-driven, AntSniffer is an invaluable tool for developers, educators, and technicians in the Bitcoin mining industry, fostering innovation and efficiency in mining technology.

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AntSniffer is an innovative device designed to interface with Antminer data cables, primarily for development and analysis purposes. Available on GitHub, this open-source project offers a unique solution for those involved in cryptocurrency mining, particularly with Antminer equipment.

Key Features:

  • Signal Tapping Capability: AntSniffer is adept at tapping into the signals on an Antminer data cable. This feature is crucial for those who use logic analyzers and engage in various development activities related to cryptocurrency mining.
  • Compatible Design: The device boasts a 4-layer PCB design, incorporating 2 SMD connectors that align perfectly with Antminer’s 18-pin data cables. These cables are typically used to connect the hashboard to the control board in mining setups.
  • LED Indicator: An integrated LED indicator informs the user of a successful connection, confirming the reception of the required 3.3 volts from the control board.
  • Data Connection Breakout: All data connections are efficiently broken out into a pin header, complete with labels for each function. This thoughtful design simplifies the process of identifying and utilizing various connections.

Ideal Use Cases:

  • Development and Testing: AntSniffer is an essential tool for developers and testers in the cryptocurrency mining industry, particularly those working with Antminer equipment.
  • Educational Purposes: For those learning about cryptocurrency mining hardware, this device serves as an excellent educational tool, providing hands-on experience with real-world mining hardware interfaces.
  • Troubleshooting and Analysis: It’s an invaluable asset for troubleshooting and analyzing mining setups, offering insights into the data flow and connections within the mining hardware.

MIT License applies. Copyright (c) 2023 SirVapesALot.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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