Bitaxe v2.2 PCB

Bitaxe v2.2 PCB

The Bitaxe v2.2 PCB is a powerful and versatile open-source hardware ASIC miner for Bitcoin mining. Based on the innovative Bitaxe project, the Bitaxe v2.2 PCB utilizes either the Bitmain BM1387 or BM1397 ASICs to provide efficient SHA256 hashing power, making it an excellent tool for contributing to network security and supporting decentralization and diversity in the mining ecosystem.

The Bitaxe v2.2 PCB sold by D-Central is an unpopulated circuit board that hobbyists and enthusiasts can use to build their own Bitaxe miner. This approach provides users with complete access to the hardware, allowing them to modify and improve it to suit their needs and preferences.

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Note we also provide a parts kit for Bitaxe v2.2, which includes all the components needed to assemble a Bitaxe miner, including the ASIC chip. This kit includes a 12V power supply, micro USB cable, WiFi antenna, heat sink and fan, and all other necessary components for a fully functional miner.

While the Bitaxe v2.2 PCB does require technical skills and knowledge to assemble and operate, it offers several advantages to users, including open-source hardware and software, efficient mining with the BM1397 ASIC chip, and a versatile mining experience with support for custom settings.

Overall, the Bitaxe v2.2 PCB sold by D-Central is an excellent choice for hobbyists and enthusiasts looking for a low-cost option to build their own ASIC miner and participate in Bitcoin mining. It offers a customizable, efficient, and secure mining experience, empowering users to contribute to the decentralization and diversity of the Bitcoin network.


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