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Bitmain APW17 1215 PSU for Antminer

Bitmain APW17 1215 PSU for Antminer


Meet the Bitmain APW17 APW171215a Power Supply, tailored for top-tier Antminer models like the S21 and S19j XP. This power supply excels in delivering consistent, efficient power to ensure seamless mining operations. Key features include an adjustable DC output of 12V to 15V, a high 267A current capacity, and less than 1% ripple and noise for undisturbed operation. It incorporates superior safety protocols such as short circuit, overheat, and over-current protections. Its forced-air cooling system and sturdy build are designed for long-lasting performance and reliability, making it an essential component of any serious mining setup.

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Does NOT include the IEC C20 to PA45/P13 Power Cable

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Elevate your cryptocurrency mining setup with the Bitmain APW17 APW171215a Power Supply, designed specifically for high-demand Antminer models like the S21 and S19j XP. This robust power supply delivers a stable and efficient energy source, ensuring your mining operations run smoothly around the clock.

Product Features

  • Voltage Adaptability: Offers an adjustable DC output voltage ranging from 12V to 15V, perfectly suited for air-cooled mining machines.
  • High Current Output: With a substantial rated output current of 267A at 220V input, this PSU can handle the most intense mining tasks.
  • Superior Stability: Features less than 1% ripple and noise level, maintaining consistent performance without disrupting your mining hardware.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Includes comprehensive protection features like short circuit, overheat, and over-current protection, safeguarding your investment against potential damage.
  • Efficient Design: The forced-air cooling system keeps the unit at optimal operating temperatures, contributing to an extended lifespan and reliable operation.


Specification Details
Model APW17 APW171215a
Voltage Output (DC) 12V – 15V
Rated Current (220V Input) 267A
Ripple & Noise <1%
Line Regulation <1%
Load Regulation <1%
Setup Time <14 seconds
Short Circuit Protection >10 milliseconds
Secondary Output (DC Voltage) 12.3V
Secondary Rated Current (220V Input) 18A
Voltage Accuracy 12.2V – 12.4V
Power Interface Requires C20 to P13 4-pin power cord (not compatible with APW12)
Input Voltage Range 220-277V AC
Frequency Range 50/60Hz
Power Factor >0.99 (full load)
Leakage Current <4 mA (220V 50Hz)
Environmental Operating Temperature -20 to 40°C
Operating Humidity 20% – 90% RH (non-condensing)
Altitude <2000 meters
Protection Features Input low-voltage, output short circuit, overheat, over-current
Dimensions 254.6 x 251.6 x 63 mm
Net Weight 3.9 Kg
Cooling System Forced-air cooling
Noise Level 45 dBA

Compatibility and Installation

  • Unique Power Interface: Note that the APW17 requires a C20 to P13 4-pin power cord for connection, differing from the APW12 PSU interface.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Designed for quick and straightforward installation, get your mining rig up and running in no time.

Optimal Performance Conditions

  • Operates effectively within a wide range of environmental conditions, including temperatures from -20 to 40°C and humidity levels from 20% to 90% RH non-condensing.

With the Bitmain APW17 APW171215a, you’re not just buying a power supply; you’re investing in the reliability and efficiency of your mining operations. Ensure your mining setup achieves peak performance with a PSU that meets the rigorous demands of continuous, high-load cryptocurrency mining.

Additional information

Weight 3600 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm


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