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BM1368PB for Antminer S21

BM1368PB for Antminer S21


Revitalize your Antminer S21 with the BM1368PB ASIC Chip, the ultimate upgrade for peak mining performance. Expertly extracted from brand-new units, this premium, second-hand chip offers the same efficiency and functionality as a new chip, making it the ideal solution for your Antminer S21 repairs or custom Bitaxe 1368 builds.

Condition: Extracted, New

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Step into the future of cryptocurrency mining with the BM1368PB/PV ASIC Chip, a bespoke solution designed for the Antminer S21. Brought to you by D-Central Technologies, a leader in the Bitcoin mining industry, this chip is the key to unlocking superior mining performance and sustainability.

Precision-Engineered for the Antminer S21

Tailor-made for seamless compatibility with the Antminer S21, the BM1368PB ASIC Chip ensures a perfect fit and immediate enhancement of your mining rig’s performance. Our expert technicians meticulously extract each chip from brand-new equipment, preserving its pristine efficiency and functionality. Upgrade your Antminer S21 with confidence, knowing that you’re installing a component that matches the quality of a fresh-off-the-line chip.

Key Features of the BM1368PB/PV ASIC Chip

  • Unmatched Efficiency: Experience unparalleled performance with a chip that delivers high-calibre hashrates and efficiency, rivalling that of new units.
  • Guaranteed Compatibility: Engineered specifically for the Antminer S21, ensuring flawless integration and immediate performance boost.
  • Expert Extraction: Each chip is carefully extracted by our skilled technicians, guaranteeing the preservation of its optimal condition and performance.

Invest in Your Mining Future Today

With the BM1368PB ASIC Chip, you’re not just repairing your Antminer S21; you’re investing in the future of your mining operations. This chip offers the perfect blend of performance, compatibility, and sustainability, making it an essential component for any serious miner. Whether you’re looking to repair your Antminer S21 or embark on building your own Bitaxe Supra 1368, the BM1368PB ASIC Chip from D-Central Technologies is your gateway to advanced mining efficiency.

Please note that all sales of second-hand chips are final and sold as-is.

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Weight 5 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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