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Replacement hashboard for Antminer S17/S17 Pro

Replacement hashboard for Antminer S17/S17 Pro


Revamp your Antminer S17/S17 Pro with our Replacement Hashboard. Designed to replace the original hashboard, our upgraded version offers superior reliability and performance. With our Replacement Hashboard, you can extend the life of your Antminer S17/S17 Pro and maintain maximum hashrate for several more years.

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Bring your Bitcoin mining operations back to working state with our Replacement Hashboard for Antminer S17/S17 Pro.

This isn’t just a component – it’s the key to unlocking your mining potential and getting you back on track to achieving your Bitcoin goals.

Our Replacement Hashboard is designed to replace the original hashboard of your Antminer S17/S17 Pro. The Antminer S17/S17 Pro is a powerful machine, but it’s known for its variable reliability due to poor build quality of some hashboards. Our Replacement Hashboard addresses this issue head-on. By going through D-Central’s recovery process, our hashboards are more reliable than new, straight from the manufacturer. We have achieved better reliability than at the factory.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Our Replacement Hashboard doesn’t just fix problems – it enhances performance. By improving the stability of your miner, it reduces maintenance costs and downtime, allowing you to keep your hashrate at its maximum for several more years. Plus, with our Replacement Hashboard, you don’t need to send your machine in for repairs – you can do it all yourself!

Our Replacement Hashboard for Antminer S17/S17 Pro is more than just a replacement part. It’s a smart investment in your mining operations, helping you maintain optimal performance and extend the life of your Antminer S17/S17 Pro. Don’t settle for less – upgrade to our Replacement Hashboard and experience the difference.


Please ensure your farm uses proper cooling, dust filter, and AC 10A cable to meet the requirements of proper operating conditions. Humidity <75%, AC voltage 210 ~ 240V, power supply AC input current 10A, dust <0.5 Mg / m3.

This material is reconditioned by D-Central. It will ship based on first paid, first shipped orders for which D-Central has received full payment. We recommend that you know your local customs clearance policies and prepare for them in advance to avoid any customs clearance delays or unforeseen costs.

We offer a 7-day DOA warranty on the purchase of all our refurbished replacement parts. In addition, our guarantee provides you with the free repair of your dashboard within a priority period to make you lose as little mining as possible.

Shipping charges, customs fees, and taxes are not included in the retail price shown above.

NOTE: The price of cryptocurrency mining materials should be adjusted frequently based on variables such as the exchange rate of Bitcoin, the difficulty of Bitcoin, or the expected increase in difficulty. Refund requests based on price changes will NOT be honoured.

By making a purchase from this website you agree to the above points and our return and refund policy.

Additional information

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 30 × 50 × 30 cm


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