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Universal ASIC Shroud: Dual 120mm Fans to 8’’

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Universal ASIC Shroud: Dual 120mm Fans to 8’’


Accelerate your Bitcoin mining efficiency with D-Central’s Universal ASIC Shroud – Dual 120mm Fans to 8”. With this top-notch device, noise reduction, vibration control, and excellent heat dissipation doesn’t just become possible—it becomes the norm. It’s time to safeguard your mining operation’s longevity and profitability.



Embrace the future of efficient mining with our Universal ASIC Shroud, a flagship product proudly engineered and crafted by the dedicated team at D-Central. This shroud is a one-size-fits-all solution, designed to adapt to a multitude of ASIC miners including Antminer, Avalon, and Innosilicon. The shroud facilitates seamless connectivity between your miner’s fans and an 8” duct, HVAC, Cloudline fans, or other ventilation systems for superior heat management.

All-encompassing Compatibility

Our Universal ASIC Shroud brings unparalleled versatility to the forefront:

Universal Design: Irrespective of whether you work with Antminer, Avalon, or Innosilicon, our shroud is built to fit most ASIC miners, redefining adaptability in mining devices.
Quiet Operation

Eliminate the noise of mining operations with our shroud’s innovative design:

Noise and Vibration Reduction: The shroud’s design is focused on dampening noise and reducing vibration, ensuring your mining operation is smooth and quiet.
Peak Performance Through Optimized Airflow

The shroud’s superior heat management dramatically boosts your mining equipment’s efficiency:

Optimized Airflow: By improving airflow, the shroud significantly reduces overheating and hashboard errors, thereby enhancing your miners’ reliability and longevity.
Durability Meets Innovation

Constructed with resilient PETG material through 3D printing, our ASIC shroud is designed to withstand the intensity of ongoing mining operations.

Elevate Your Mining Experience Today

Transform your Bitcoin mining efficiency and elevate performance with D-Central’s Universal ASIC Shroud: Dual 120mm Fans to 8’’. Usher in a new era of profitable, efficient, and long-lasting mining.

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 20 cm

Black, White, Orange, Silver, Gold


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