Should I care about Bitcoin Miner Power Efficiency?

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Bitcoin mining has taken the world by a storm. The global attention the currency is currently receiving has led to many investors turning to bitcoin mining and more research and analysis to be conducted. This is a good thing as far as we can tell, and it gives bitcoin a promising future. However, many people are turning to bitcoin mining without a proper understanding of how things work. For instance, bitcoin mining or cryptocurrency mining requires a significant amount of computing power, which means that you need to seriously consider power efficiency when mining. Otherwise, your mining profits may end up being munched by your power bills.

In the early days of mining, things were smoother and more straightforward, and many people could make huge profits just mining from standard computers. Today, a lot has changed as mining has become more complicated for average machines to handle. A bitcoin miner now needs more specialized hardware with dominant computing power, stable internet connection, and a reliable source of electricity for efficient mining. If your equipment is not power-efficient, you may suffer shutdowns or high energy bills, which can easily equal your profits. Therefore, when purchasing mining hardware, you need to focus on buying a model that maximizes your mining profits.

Why you should care about energy consumption

As more people join the cryptocurrency industry, the mining difficulty, as well as the need for power efficiency increases. Bitcoin specialists and consultants have a mutual opinion that the amount of energy consumed during mining is worrying for any bitcoin miner aiming to make good profits from the venture.

Higher energy consumption only leads to the development of more powerful, super-efficient tools to handle complex algorithms. In simple terms, it creates a do or die situation where only the strong wins the battle. The rising difficulty affects all miners from prominent veterans to small scale miners.  For instance,  if your bitcoin miner can’t cope up with the growing difficulty, then it is rendered obsolete. That means you need to get better performing hardware to mine efficiently. Large scale miners who host multiple bitcoin miners also face the sword of high energy bills as their hardware requires vast amounts of power to run the miners. So, it becomes extremely important for every bitcoin miner to observe their energy consumption.

How to counter energy consumption when mining

Financial experts say that for you to make money, you have to use money. That means you should have starting capital if you decide to mine cryptocurrency. While your primary focus should be tools, internet, and power, there are other considerations to make to ensure that you stay low on energy bills. Bitcoin miners in countries with cheap electricity; however, don’t feel the pinch. These are countries that have invested in renewable forms of energy like hydro, wind, and solar. Countries that depend on coal may not be in a position to provide sustainable energy when massive energy-intensive proof of work methods are being used.


Bitcoin mining is quickly becoming a survival for the fittest kind of game, where a miner can only win bitcoins if they manage to make the other miners lose. While the energy consumption in the cryptocurrency industry remains unknown, miners have an enormous task of making sure they use power-efficient hardware in order to make profits.

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