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The optimal environmental conditions for ANTMINER servers, including models such as S9i, S9, T9, and L3+, mandate that the ambient temperature must always be kept below 35 degrees Celsius. This guide is designed to provide insights into high-temperature warnings, protective measures, and troubleshooting procedures to ensure the efficient operation of your miners.

For instance, the S9i model has a maximum hash board operating temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. Exceeding this limit will trigger the miner’s high-temperature protection mode, causing it to shut down to prevent damage. Similarly, other models will also activate this protective mode when their maximum allowable temperature is surpassed.

A zero hash rate could potentially indicate that the miner has entered high-temperature protection mode, halting its operation. To confirm this, you can review the miner’s kernel log for high-temperature warnings.

If your miner consistently exhibits high-temperature warnings or engages in high-temperature protection mode, it’s crucial to identify and address the underlying causes. The following troubleshooting steps can be employed:

  1. Turn off the miner’s power and allow it to cool down for approximately 2 minutes before rebooting it. However, if the ambient temperature remains too high, the miner might repeatedly enter the high-temperature protection mode and shut down.
  2. Aim to reduce the ambient temperature. It’s essential to maintain a cool environment to prevent the miner’s temperature from escalating.
  3. Dust accumulation within the miner can also contribute to overheating, activating the high-temperature protection mode. If this is suspected, dismantle the front fan and clean any dust or debris that might be obstructing ventilation.

If none of the above strategies resolve the issue, and rising temperatures continue to impact the hash rate, please consider returning the miner for professional repair. Your mining hardware’s health and optimal performance are our top priority.