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Note: In areas with high risk of freezing, avoid using pure water or tap water. Instead, use the appropriate anti-icing fluid. For certain situations like rework, transfer, or storage activities, use the necessary tools such as an air pump to clean the liquid within the hydro board. Ensure that you use a plug to block the water inlet and outlet before packaging.

Common Issues

The following problems were discovered during a customer’s rework:

i) Water leakage on the hydro board
ii) Water leakage due to bulging in the brazing area (see images)
iii) Cracked connector due to expansion (see images)

Root Cause Analysis

The customer explained that these problems occurred due to the significant temperature difference between their room temperature (23°C) and the outdoor temperature (-17°C). The customer did not dry the board after disassembling the machine, resulting in water freezing inside the hydro board, causing it to expand and damage the bulging areas.


During Operation and Maintenance:


If the liquid is not dried during rework or movement, leakage issues may occur. If the liquid accidentally flows onto the hashboard, it can cause the board to burn and become irreparable when the hashboard is open-source. If the liquid flows into the packaging box, it can damage the packaging box as well.

In low-temperature areas, expansion caused by the freezing of liquid can damage the hydro board and connector.

Please note that any of the above issues could void your warranty, so exercise caution!

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