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To copy new Kernel Log into a text document, follow the steps below:

Log into the backend of the mining system: You’ll need to enter your miner’s backend system, usually through a web interface using the miner’s IP address.

Navigate to “Miner Log”: This option is typically located at the bottom left of the backend interface. Click on it to access the log files.

Select the type of log you want to view: You can choose from the current log or the historical log depending on your needs.

Current log: Use this for analyzing a current issue with the machine.
History log: Use this for investigating unstable miners or analyzing historical problems.
Select all the log content: The log content needs to be selected from the beginning to the end. If the log is too long, you can select the beginning first, scroll to the end, hold down the Shift key, and click to select the end. This will select all the log content. Press CTRL+C to copy the selected content.

Create a new text document: You can create this document on your desktop or in a specific folder. To help identify the log easily later, consider naming the document after the miner’s IP address.

Paste the log content: Open the newly created document and paste the copied log content using CTRL+V. Make sure to check whether all the contents have been pasted correctly, and then save the document.

If you encounter any issues or have questions, please feel free to contact BITMAIN Customer Support.