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Downloading the appropriate firmware for your miner is essential to its proper functioning. Here are the steps to download miner firmware:

Download Preparation Tools

You’ll need a computer with internet access. Any operating system can be used.

Firmware Download

  1. Visit the official ANTMINER website at https://www.bitmain.com/.
  2. Click on “Customer Support”, then click “Firmware Download”.
  3. After clicking, the webpage will start loading. When the webpage is fully loaded, you can select the model of your miner to download the appropriate firmware.
  4. Once the loading is completed, you will see the various cryptocurrencies on the left side and the corresponding miner models on the right side.
  5. After selecting your miner’s model, the corresponding firmware will appear at the bottom of the webpage. Click on it to start the download. Please note that there’s no need to decompress the firmware after downloading. You can upgrade directly on the webpage or perform a batch upgrade.
  6. Below are the corresponding relationships between various cryptocurrencies and miner models:
    • BTC/BCH/BSV: S19, T19 Series; S17, T17 Series; S15, T15 Series; T9, S9 Series etc.
    • LTC: L3 Series, L7
    • DASH: D3, D5, D7
    • ETH/ETC: E3, E7
    • ZEC: Z11, Z9 Series, Z15 Series
    • DCR: DR3, DR5
    • XMR: X3
    • BTM: B3, B7
    • SC: R3-SIA, A3
    • CBK: K5

Firmware Management

After the firmware is downloaded, you can locate it in your system using one of the following methods:

  1. If you’ve used Google Chrome for the download, click on the caret (^) symbol next to the download, then click “Show in folder”. This will take you directly to the downloaded file.
  2. Open any folder on your system, click “Downloads” on the left panel, and you will find your downloaded file there.


  1. Always choose the latest version of the firmware for download.
  2. Read the descriptions carefully and pay close attention to firmware types, models, etc. to ensure you’re downloading the correct firmware for your miner.