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Please follow the steps below to upgrade the firmware of your ANTMINER B3:

  1. Download the B3 firmware: Visit our B3 firmware page to download the firmware. You will find two firmware files:
    • ANTMINER-B3-201805232020-750M.tar.gz: This firmware fixes the fan speed display problem.
    • update_1000.tar.gz: This firmware improves the hash rate of the B3 miner.
  2. Upgrade the first firmware (ANTMINER-B3-201805232020-750M.tar.gz): Follow the instructions provided in the ‘How to Reload or Upgrade Firmware’ guide. Ensure not to power off or disrupt the miner during the firmware reloading or upgrading process. The process takes approximately 5 minutes. If it exceeds 10 minutes, abort the process and attempt to update again.
  3. Setup the miner: Once the firmware upgrade is completed, setup your miner as normal, acquire the IP address, and log in to the user interface of the miner.
    • Instructions on how to set up your B3 are available here.
    • If you are facing issues in getting your IP address, refer to these guides:
      • Where and How to Use IP Reporter
      • I have problems getting my IP address
  4. Upgrade the second firmware (update_1000.tar.gz): After successfully logging into the miner’s user interface, proceed to upgrade the second firmware. Similar to the first upgrade, do not power off or disrupt the miner during this process. If the upgrade is successful, you will see a “System Upgrade Success” message.

If you encounter any issues during the upgrade process, or if the ASIC status begins to show “??” indicating that the miner is not working, troubleshoot the problem or create a repair ticket to return the hash board to us for repair. Guides for these processes are provided below:

For further inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact us.