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Follow the steps below to safely remove the hashboard from an ASIC miner:

  1. First, remove the cover from the control panel. (Remove the screws as shown in the images below, press the round button, and lift the upper cover up to remove it.)

[image of control panel cover removal]

  1. After removing the upper cover, remove the fixing screws of the rear fan baffle to detach the rear fan assembly.

*Note: During disassembly, be cautious not to break the fan cable, as it is still connected.

[image of rear fan baffle removal]

  1. Next, after removing the rear fan assembly, unplug the cable and remove the screws of the hashboard and copper bus.

[image showing hashboard and copper bus screws]

  1. Finally, gently pull the hashboard out of the miner.

[image of hashboard removal]

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