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To safely remove the power supply from an all-in-one mining machine, follow the steps below using a Phillips screwdriver.

  1. Remove the screws as shown in the image below to open the control panel cover and power supply cover.

[image showing screw locations]

  1. Press and hold the cover knob on the control panel and lift up to remove the top cover. To remove the power supply cover, lift it straight up.

[image demonstrating control panel cover removal]
[image illustrating power supply cover removal]

  1. Remove the copper bar screws, and unplug the power supply voltage regulator line and the control board power supply line.

[image showing copper bar screw removal]
[image displaying unplugging power supply lines]

  1. Remove the screws securing the power supply and slide the power supply out.

[image showing screw removal]
[image presenting power supply sliding out]

  1. The power supply can be removed by sliding it to the end. Since the power supply is heavy, be sure to support it to prevent injury or damage to the device.

[image of power supply removal]

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