4479 Desserte Nord Autoroute 440, Laval, QC H7P 6E2

Please note that these instructions apply only to the S9i model, not the S9.

Follow the steps below to fix the issue of a duplicate MAC address:

  1. Setup your connection: Connect a router to one miner and one laptop or PC. The router can be wireless.
  2. Locate the miner: Using the bulk management tool, locate the miner on your network.
  3. Upgrade the firmware: Enter the user interface of the miner and upgrade its firmware. You can download the appropriate firmware from here.
  4. Reboot and re-locate the miner: After the miner reboots, use the bulk management tool to find the miner again. You’ll notice that the miner’s IP address has changed. Use the new IP address to enter the miner’s user interface.

If you are still having difficulty resolving this issue, please contact us for further assistance.