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Here are some common issues with the KA3 miner and suggested solutions based on log diagnosis:

  1. Power failure: If the log displays a “3 computing board can not find the chip” message, it usually indicates that there’s no power output to the computing board from the power supply. You can check for loose screws on the power supply copper row or consider replacing the power supply.

    Power Failure Image

  2. Fan failure: If the log presents a “sweep error string = F:1” message, this is an indication of an issue with the fan. You can try replacing the fans one by one with a normal fan to confirm and address the issue.

    Fan Failure Image

  3. Drop board failure: The KA3 has 3 computing boards (chain=0, chain=1, chain=2). If less than 3 are detected, a board may be missing. Disconnect and re-plug the cables and check if the screws on the power supply copper row are loose. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you may need to send the unit in for repair.

    Drop Board Failure Image

  4. High temperature failure: If the log states “poweroff=true msg=”high temp 1 low temp fan err 0 read no temp 0, uneffective temp 0, lost connection too long 0″”, it means there is a high-temperature protection issue. You can reboot the system to fix this issue. Before rebooting, check if the operational environment temperature of the miner is too high, if there are any foreign objects blocking the miner’s air inlet, and if the ventilation is normal. These issues could lead to repeated high-temperature issues, damaging the miner.

    High Temperature Failure Image

  5. Mining Pool anomalies: If the logs state “No servers could be used”, it implies there’s an issue with the mining pool. Verify if the pool settings are correct. You may need to change the pool or contact the mining pool’s support to resolve this.

    Mining Pool Anomalies Image

Please feel free to contact D-Central Technologies Customer Support if you have any further questions or issues.