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Understanding the specific operating temperature ranges of your miners is crucial for ensuring their efficient and prolonged functionality. These values refer to the intake air temperature, which may vary from the ambient room temperature due to factors such as dust accumulation.

When needed, please clean your miner to maintain optimal intake air temperature. Refer to our guide on miner maintenance and dust removal for more information.

All our ANTMINER models have a built-in protection program that automatically shuts down the miner if the temperature exceeds the allowable range. For more details on high-temperature alerts and protection measures, please refer to our dedicated guide.

Here are the maximum operating temperatures, measured in degrees Celsius, for various ANTMINER models:

Model Max PCB Temp (°C) Max Chip Temp (°C)
E9 80
L7 80
S19XP 75
S19a Pro 80
S19a 80
S19j 85
S19j Pro 85
S19 Pro 80
S19 80
T19 80
Z15/Z15j/Z15e 80
S17e/T17e/S17+ 80
T17+ 75
S17/S17 Pro/T17 75
S15 80
T15 80
S11 95
Z9MINI 80 125
Z9 80
V9 80
S9 90 135
S9I 85
S9j和S9-Hydro 95
T9 90 135
T9+ 95 125
S9 SE/S9k 85
B7 75
K5 80
D5 85
DR3和DR5 85
E3 65
L3+和L3++ 90
D3 85
A3 85 115
X3 80 127
B3 80 127

If your miner’s temperatures are continually increasing and nearing these limits, please contact us immediately for technical assistance and advice on managing high temperatures.